We heard a lot about TOPO and my first thought was “just another rooftop in Lisbon” and we gave a bit more time to settle down the buzz. We usually don’t like to experience something that is consistently on top of conversations because expectations can run high, ended up on our buzz being killed. In this particular case, and now after paying them a visit, we feel that it deserves (all) that buzz.

TOPO is one of the coolest places we’ve known so far in 2016!

It’s located on top of Martim Moniz mall, more precisely on the 6th floor. We’re actually happy that this underrated area of Lisbon – Martim Moniz – is receiving some attention now, especially by the locals. It’s home of many different cultures, spices, smells and colors and somehow represents the melting pot called Lisbon.

So, enjoy the lift ride to the 6th floor and be amazed once you get there. Take your time to enjoy the view before getting a seat and absorb all the colors of the city. Inside, we like their promising yet uncompromised minimalist ambiance.

Martim Moniz
Martim Moniz @ TrenDestination
Improvised art gallery @ TrenDestination

Seating wise, you’ll be ok in every table you choose, especially at the terrace. In our case, we did chose a seat at the bar / counter with a central panoramic view over Saint George’s Castle.

@ TrenDestination

The food is unpretentious and very well-cooked, ranging from croquettes to nachos for starters and tartares and steaks for mains. Their hummus with pita bread toasts is very tasty (just be careful if you want to kiss someone since your garlic breath might kill your shot!).

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Hummus with pita bread toasts (6,00€) @ TrenDestination

The only let down was the extra charge when we asked for more pita bread to dip in the hummus. We find client experience in very small details and we’d rather prefer paying a higher diluted price for something than 1,50€ for 3 pieces of bread. For the main, we strongly recommend any of the following:

Up for a tuna steak, grilled vegetables and wasabi mayo? @ TrenDestination
Loin with Dijon mustard in Madeira’s traditional flat bread “Bolo do caco” @ TrenDestination
Roastbeef with dijonaise in Madeira’s traditional flat bread “Bolo do caco” (with coriander and garlic) @ TrenDestination

Their signature list of cocktails were created by Black Pepper and Basil. We tried the Pineapple & Lime mocktail and let me tell you: it was beyond perfect. Now imagine the cocktails …

Pineapple & Lime mocktail @ TrenDestination

We do have big hopes for TOPO. One can feel they aim to be so much more yet at the same time keeping their honest unpretentiousness because in (rare) places like these, the food and view together sing in perfect harmony.

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Hot tip: Go there during lunch time and try to go early – we’ll share soon why!

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