Before you start reading: have you ever wondered what are the secret scents of your daily perfume? And how a fragrance can define a person and set the tone for first impressions and future memories? They have the ability to make us travel in time, identify recollections, create history and build long-tasting emotions. What if we tell you that there’s a private scent club with the mission of pairing our personality strengths and our most intimate desires with unparalleled fragrances from the best perfumistas? This is the premise of SOTD Club.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

We want perfumes that leave us completely out of breath. We want perfumes that lean us against the wall. We want perfumes that make us dream higher. (SOTD Club)

But keep in mind though that the words memorable and one-of-a-kind will stick indefinitely in your skin, just like that unique scent you can’t forget about. We’re heading back to the past and taking the best of it, when perfumes used to be totally unique, often created specifically for a single person, based on personality.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

So think about worldwide leading perfumistas, creating the most unique scents from virgin saffron of Iran, elegantly delicate Ylang Ylang from Indonesia, mysterious Oud from Myanmar, intensely fierce Bulgarian roses or exquisite vanilla oils from Madagascar, bottling them up to give away the opportunity of a lifetime to remain unforgettable.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

Through the passionate knowledge of the scent evangelist Pedro Dias and the Learning around the Cuco masterclasses, you’ll discover the inner secrets of their exclusive fragrances and the unspoken chemistry when touching your skin.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
Scent evangelist Pedro Dias @ TrenDestination

Recently launched in November 2016, this is an innovative concept around the niche of haute parfumerie created by 3 founding partners with a vivid and absolute flair for noteworthy aromas. In addition to the online store, these nose-picked curated perfumes are also available at Loja das Meias stores in Lisbon and Cascais (and soon in Porto). You can become an exclusive member here to receive in first hand news, samples and event invitations, such as their masterclasses. And just like a high-level wine tasting, get ready to awake all of your senses, including the hidden ones.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
Learning around the Cuco @ TrenDestination

Quick 7 (of the innumerous) secrets shared on their masterclasses:

#1. Our olfactory system corresponds to 1% of our DNA

#2. There are 3 fragrance notes of a perfume: top (first impression), middle (heart of the fragrance) & base (lasting impression)

#3. Body temperature creates different fragrance levels on the skin

#4. The panty dropper perfumes always include spices

#5. Natural molecules (highly appreciated for their sophistication) vs. artificial molecules (in the majority of commercial perfumes)

#6. Curious ingredients such as China ink with papyrus, black tea with bergamot, haxixe or dry rum can be found in some perfumes

#7. Rose is the holy queen of perfumery

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SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

Did you know that some of these perfumes carry inspirational stories with them?

Tabac Blond | A feminist move

A homage to women’s liberation, this subtly ambiguous and provocative fragrance combines leathery top notes usually found in men’s fragrances, tobacco leaves and an eternally feminine floral bouquet including vanilla. The great perfumer and the found

er of the house of Caron, Ernest Daltroff,  created Tabac Blond in 1919. It was a fragrance for women who smoked cigarettes, since a cigarette was, at that time, the perfect chic symbol of freedom of a Parisian woman. This is a dry perfume with an intense note of smoke. The perfume notes are: leather, carnation, lime blossom, iris, vetiver, ylang-ylang, cedar, patchouli, vanilla, ambergris, musk.

Tabac blonde @ Caron

Eight & Bob | The scent of a President

The story of this perfume is a film script and the name of Eight & Bob reveals everything about it and human nature itself: Albert Fouquet, a Parisian aristocrat, created this perfume for himself. He never wanted to market it. John F. Kennedy met him in 1937 at the French Riviera, and was given some samples. When JFK returned to the US, the perfume became a star and he asked Albert for a sample and “if your production allows for it, another one for Bob.” On the fougère mood, the secret green plant from Chile, and the combination of the freshness of the bergamot and lemon on the top and some dried fruits and sandal and guaiac wood, this base is the definition of a grand homme.


Putain des Palaces | One night stay

The reconstitution of the powdery smells of the King’s courts on a very feminine and sexy perfume. Some roses, lipstick and heavy take on leathery musk. This is the set: 7:00AM. Powdery roses in the air. I hate the guy who is sleeping in my bed. “Baby, it’s time to leave!”

Putain des Palaces perfume

And now that you’ve read: would you be ready to discover what’s behind your scent?


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