Dim Sum is all about steamy bamboo baskets, stir and deep fried fresh ingredients, dumplings and other goodies, served in small portions.

Literally means “to touch the heart” (#guilty) and is considered the biggest flag of Cantonese food. We can’t avoid going to these restaurants and not leaving completely full. Everything is extremely fresh, well-cooked and delicious! For the brave, at Estoril Mandarim, order the Chicken feet in black bean sauce – trust us, forget the feet, this is a delicacy!

Entrance Estoril Mandarim
Entrance Estoril Mandarim @ TrenDestination
Estoril Mandarim
Chicken feet in black bean sauce @ TrenDestination
Estoril Mandarim
Steamed dumplings w/ white fungus (5,00€) @ TrenDestination
Estoril Mandarim
Pork & honey buns / Char Siew Bao (4,50€) @ TrenDestination
Glutinous rice w/ coconut and sesame paste (3,50€) @ TrenDestination



Chinese New Year hot tip: Estoril Mandarim dim sum is only served at lunch so make a reservation in advance because it’s always packed. You must order the Jasmin green tea which is incredibly inexpensive (1,00€). Avoid going outside the lunch time, otherwise be prepared to leave at least 50% of your paycheck there (ouch!)

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