Cowork spaces disrupted the professional market and continue to pop up like wild mushrooms. They’re a breath of fresh air in the tedious corporate world.

Either if you’re a well-established freelancer, are giving the first steps in building your startup or simply are getting tired of having your dog as the only co-worker, jump on the coworking pool. Of course, there might be other reasons such as the necessity of a scheduled routine, the exchange of ideas with new peers, the cost reduction of having an office at an early stage (or of having one at all), the natural sense of belonging, the expansion of your network, boost your creativity, the need for a space to bring and meet your clients, and so on. Since money speaks louder when you talk about startups and freelancing, we made a selection of both the coolest and value for money cowork spaces in Lisbon and the hot list is below, in no particular order. They’re located across town and also bringing life to new creative hubs. Hot tip: if you’re not sure which one to choose, they all offer at least 1 day trial period, so what are you waiting for?

LINNK | Lisbon Innovation Kluster


Main features: Network and fundraising events; high-end electronic equipment available; accelerate Design, IT and Hardware projects on a lean budget; discounted access to the gym; photography/record set; pillow room to take a nap
Location: Rato
Schedule: To be confirmed
Starting price: 160,00€ / month

As Oficinas

Cowork space Lisbon - As Oficinas at Intendente

Main features: Open 24 hours everyday; private meeting rooms; address for registered office; disabled access; tons of natural daylight
Location: Intendente
Schedule: 9:30AM to 6:00PM from Monday to Friday / 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 121,96€ / month

Impact Hub Lisbon

Main features: International offices in 100 cities; labs, business mentoring, acceleration programs, incubators and workshops; creative events’ agenda
Location: Alcântara
Schedule: 9:00AM to 6:00PM from Monday to Friday (basic membership) / 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 50,00€ / month


Main features: Incredible price discounts and promotions; loads of natural daylight; creative networking workshops; outdoor areas
Location: Olivais
Schedule: 8:00AM to 1:00PM or 1:15PM to 6:15PM or 6:30PM to 11:30PM / 24 hours access everyday (special membership)
Starting price: 89,00€ / month

MU Workspace

Main features: Recording, photography, textile and tattoo studios (currently under renovation); branding consulting; workshops; private rooms for workshop members
Location: Lumiar
Schedule: 8:00AM to 10:00PM from Monday to Friday / 8:00AM to 6:00PM on Saturday / 24 hours access everyday (for members)
Starting price: 97,57€ / month

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Beta-i | Building the innovation ecosystem

Main features: 360º innovation services (Acceleration, Events, Corporate, Education, Investment and Hub); considered the Top Incubator in Town according to Wired; free access to all the events in the hub; outdoor lounge/terrace; pet friendly; hosts a party every Friday with free beer (#winners)
Location: Saldanha
Schedule: 8:00AM to 10:00PM from Monday to Friday
Starting price: 60,98€ / month



Main features: 5000 sqm facing the Tagus river; 360º view rooftop lounge bar; dog-driendly; ateliers/workshops and private studios; art gallery and events space; biking park; training, showers and library
Location: Santos
Schedule: 5:00PM to 8:00PM from Monday to Friday (basic membership) / 24 hours access everyday (special membership)
Starting price: 45,00€ / month



Main features: Breathtaking rooftop; LX Factory restaurants and cafes; big SilverRoom available for group projects; considered a pioneer reference amongst Lisbon cowork spaces
Location: Alcântara (LX Factory)
Schedule: 9:00AM to 9:00PM from Monday to Friday (basic membership) / 24 hours access everyday (special membership)
Starting price: 40,66€ / month

Bworking Spaces

Main features: Incredible discounts; up to 60% of the profits generated from the co-work space are donated back to Social Effects ONG; giant atmosphere with natural daylight; private meeting rooms (including non-members); entrepreneurs academy, workshops sessions and business mentoring
Location: Saldanha
Schedule: 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 126,02€ / month

Village Underground Lisboa

@ RAM_Lisbon

Main features: It has a sibling in London since 2007; strong artistic and creative community including a recording studio; serves as a stage for exhibitions, concerts, theatre shows or conferences; certificated creative incubator space; 14 cool shipping containers as cowork spaces; renovated double decker buses as cafe
Location: Alcântara
Schedule: 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 125,00€ / month (shared container)

Lisbon WorkHub


Main features: Historic and restored building; bike parking; relaxing balcony; private events; virtual office option
Location: Marvila
Schedule: 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 130,09€ / month

Garagem Infinita


Main features: Various private meeting rooms; gamejams, workshops, design sprints; creative store with artistic material from members and friends; art exhibitions
Location: Intendente
Schedule: 9:00AM to 5:00PM everyday / 24 hours access everyday for monthly members
Starting price: 184,50€ / month

cowork central

Main features: Popular with software engineers, designers and translators but welcome everyone; weekly get togethers; pet friendly; worldwide co-workers; member of the entrepreneur community Made of Lisboa; they’ll open a 2nd space in Príncipe Real by the end of April
Location: Cais do Sodré
Schedule: 9:00AM to 9:00PM from Monday to Friday including bank holidays (non-monthly members) / 24 hours access everyday for monthly members
Starting price: 182,93€ / month



Main features: Zen, inspiring & sustainable environment; 15-200 sqm art studio spaces; free coffee/tea and printings; plenty of natural daylight; artistic events
Location: Graça
Schedule: 9:00AM to 9:00PM from Monday to Friday / flexibility to open on Saturday
Starting price: 100,60€ / month

Second Home Lisboa


Main features: One-of-a-kind decor design; free access to other Second Home locations in London for 5 days a month; exclusive Be Better Member-only educational workshops and talks; special member discounts (eg: up to 15% of Apple products); weekly wellness activities; free filter coffee and organic teas; it will open a second space by 2019 in Lisbon
Location: Cais do Sodré (Time Out Market Lisboa)
Schedule: 7:00AM to 12:00AM from Monday to Friday / 12:00PM to 6:00PM on weekends
Starting price: 200,00€ / month

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NOW | No Office Work


Main features: It will open around June 2018 in Lisbon, it’s already in Porto; free use of other NOW_ coworks & Coworklisboa; events room, open space and various meeting rooms
Location: Beato
Schedule: To be confirmed
Starting price: 115,5€ / month

Cowork Torre de Belém


Main features: Close to the National monument (Belém Tower) and riverfront; tons of natural daylight; reception service; private hubs for teams of small companies
Location: Belém
Schedule: 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 121,14€ / month



Main features: Located in a 19th century building; two huge bathrooms with comics, magazines, books and wi-fi; eclectic art & design collection and own library; regular movie/popcorn sessions and murder mystery dinners  
Liberdade Avenue  
24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price:
180,00€ / month

Espaço 3D

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Main features: Nominated for Best Coworking Space in Lisbon; meditation and mindfulness programs; vegan cooking workshops; motivational & leadership talks
Location: Rato
Schedule: 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 110,00€ / month  

SITIO powered by Poligono


Main features: Soundproof private booths; mail reception; 300 sqm of total area; workshops and conferences; there’s a third space only with private offices 
Locations: Alvalade and Areeiro
Schedule: 8:00AM to 8:00PM from Monday to Friday
Starting price: 130,00€ / month

WIP Lisboa


Main features: Founded by The Remote Year digital nomad project; furniture designed by portuguese artists; motivational talks; outdoor garden
Location: São Bento
Schedule: 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: 150,41€ / month

The Block

Main features: The first coworking space and coffee crypto friendly (you can actually pay with bitcoin); craft beer and specialty coffee; terrace; coffee and tea included for members   
Location: Picoas
Schedule: 10:00AM to 8:00PM from Monday to Friday / 11:00AM to 7:00PM on Saturday
Starting price: 161,79€ / month

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Main features: Content creation, production for visual media services; member of the European Creative Hubs Network Platform; 1600 sqm totally refurbished with studios, cyclorama film and photo; testing zone and editing & post production room, make up & fitting room; private meeting rooms
Location: Marvila
Schedule: 24 hours access everyday for members
Starting price: Given upon visit and brief conversation with the owners

Rocket HUB

Main features: Networking events and fundraising pitches; rooftop lounge; multiple conference room; clean and corporate ambiance; daily fresh fruit
Location: Nations Park
Schedule: 9:00AM to 6:00PM from Monday to Friday (basic membership) / 24 hours access everyday (special membership)
Starting price: 149,00€ / month



Main features: One of the 2 coworks is located inside an historic palace and the other one is surrounded by the river; upon 1 member contract both spaces can be used; Heineken happy hour; networking events; up to 50 people auditorium; daily fresh fruit
Locations: Nations Park and Palácio Sotto Mayor 
Schedule: 9:00AM to 7:30PM from Monday to Friday (basic membership) / 24 hours access everyday (special membership)
Starting price: 120,00€ / month

Note: All prices exclude VAT

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