TrenDestination stands as a destination influencer, bringing the old-fashioned concepts of a Destination Management Company up to speed with the fast, intuitive and shareable web approach by presenting itself as an Online Magazine with a bold, fun, helpful and fresh style communication that highlights and promotes all types of venues, trends & experiences while using curated insider vision, trusted expertise, engaging storytelling, faster responses and killer prices.

Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

by Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO of


1. Brand storytelling & promotion

We only publish original content. The articles are easy-reading and highly shareable. The subjects for the articles come always from inspiration regarding trends and destinations and what’s unique about each one of them.

2. Social engagement

We privilege Instagram as in terms of content sharing, engagement and effectiveness it presents the best results. We produce exclusive content (photos, captions, videos and stories). We’re able to create online brand campaigns with exclusive social media content.

3. Event planning & venue sourcing

Due to our years of experience organizing events and finding all types of venues in Portugal for several international brands & clients, from meetings to incentives, special celebrations to networking events, parties to production/commercial related events, we do cover all aspects of event management – creative proposals, suppliers/venue sourcing, budget & negotiation supervision, implementation & production.

4. Destination consultation & bookings

We know a lot of secrets and tips about various destinations – especially Portugal – which make us love recommending them. We create tailor-made travel itineraries, book accommodation, find any type of venue, make any type of recommendations according to every need, any type of special local need, etc.


  • Exquisite venue finders

  • Detailed event planning

  • Engaging storytelling

  • Up to 24h responses

  • Competitive pricing

  • Fresh & trendy topics

  • Easy-reading articles

  • Curated lists & best-offs

  • Bold reviews & opinions

  • All-you-need-to-know tips


1. Finding a palatial venue for a wedding with 200 guests
2. A selection of the best gluten free restaurants in Lisbon
3. Organize an event for an international snickers brand – special collection edition
4. Storytelling article & social media promotion for a supper-club
5. Booking accommodation and meeting space in a glamping site
6. Selecting and booking exclusive boutique hotels in Thailand
7. Finding a specific venue for a music video within less than 24h
8. Closing a private house with terrace pool for a birthday party with private chef cooking
9. Find a specific pair of shoes for a groom and add an inscription
10. Private & exclusive tour on a national monument

Get on board of this journey, it will be a hell of a ride! If you suffer from FOMO, give us a shoutout on Instagram!