Image posting, liking, commenting and sharing is so hot right now that surely increased the number of FOMO minds across the world. Wanna a piece of advice tho? If you don’t want your friends and family to put a spell on you, share that ONE picture capable of making them feel envious enough to book a vacay but not enough to unfollow your feed. Focus your smartphone camera and BAM #thatONEpicture. But remember, less is definitely way more. Don’t overshare, cherish the mystery instead. That’s why we’ve decided to name the hot Instagram spot per hotel to save you the time and hustle. The concept behind these hotels are simply remarkable. Below you’ll find the 8 most instagrammable hotels in Lisbon, in no particular order. They’re super hot and fresh, just like an instagrammable hotel should be.

Beautique WC Hotel

Defined itself as eclectic, vibrant and provocative, the property’s décor was carefully designed to express the cleanliness and comfort of a modern bathroom. It claims that is born to wash our souls. It gently plays with our senses through vapors, baths, water and drips spread to every corner of the hotel, creating a dissident art vibe. Go follow their statement and get free of prejudices, drop the robe! 

The spot | Don’t need to go any further! Stop right in the reception – can you feel already the scenario? There’s plenty of nice angles and features to photograph.

Official hashtag | #wcbeautiquehotel


1908 Lisboa Hotel

Winner of Portugal’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel 2017 prize by Portugal Travel Awards. Its restaurant called Infame serves an awesome weekend brunch (veggie brunch also available).

The spot | This is a no-brainer. The art sculpture created by Bordalo II is the perfect spot either to shine by itself or make shine you on a picture. Don’t forget the meaningful message behind its creation tho.

Official hashtag | #1908lisboahotel

Pousada de Lisboa – Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

This hotel is a true blend of history and luxury, making it a unique urban retreat amidst Lisbon’s main square – Terreiro do Paço – facing Tejo river. Back then, it used to a forum for ministries and a house of kings. It was the winner in the Best Small and Exclusive New Hotel category by the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens awards.

The spot | Can you feel the grandiosity of the stairs combined with the deluxe velvety vibe of the purple carpet? Strike a pose then!

Official hashtag | #pousadalisboa

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Eurostars Museum

Located in Alfama, the hotel features a permanent archaeological exhibition and its décor highlights the building’s cultural legacy. Ambiance wise, it feels very cozy and spacious. It has a very cool balcony with views over Tejo river.

The spot | This artistic chandelier right on top of the main hotel stairs. Work that light!

Official hashtag | #MagicEurostars


Pestana CR7 Lisboa

If you ever wanted to get closer to Cristiano Ronaldo and wondered how’s to be in his skin for a day, you now have the option. Pestana CR7 Lisboa belongs to him and attempts to recreate CR7’s lifestyle. It opened in June 2016 and since then it has been a huge success – just like his owner who’s considered one of the best players in the world.

The spot | The bar includes innumerous football references including the famous Cristiano Ronaldo’s quote: Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable.

Official hashtag | #PestanaCR7Lisbon


EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel

Check-in to the future it’s their motto. They consider themselves as a new hotel generation for tech savvy minds, flexible, autonomous and new generation. You’re pretty much in control of your experience. It has a self check-in, grab & go delicatessen, room curtains controlled through the hotel’s smartphone app, iMac available at the reception/lounge.

The spot | The giant hand outside is the most recognizable little detail of this hotel – it’s impossible to be missed. Even the ones who can’t recall the hotel’s name, know about “the big hand”.

Official hashtag | #evolutionlisboa

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The Lumiares Hotel & SPA

This superb 5 star hotel is located in Bairro Alto and it’s a breath of fresh air. Its aesthetic is super fresh yet carefully detailed and cozy. It has a spa and a rooftop bar with breathtaking views over the city.

The spot | The amazing geometric brass chandelier, over the grand central staircase, by the one-of-a-kind, talented and multi-award winning artist Beau McClellan.

Official hashtag | #mylumistay

Le Consulat

We are not only consumers. This is Le Consulat motto, so calling it a hotel minimizes its cultural bubble and artistic vivid attitude. Le Consulat is a wonderful project developed and cherished by the French couple François Blot and Valerie Guérend. Each room has a live art gallery (you can actually buy the pieces) with that European charming vibe. It’s called “sleep with art”. Between Chiado and Bairro Alto, for the last 104 years, the building used to be Brazil’s Embassy.

The spot | The bar. You’ll not only find some of the best mixologists in town, tons of daylight, a classy decor but also unique art pieces. Quick tip? Take the picture while you still know how to use your phone – before getting lost in their cocktails!

Official hashtag | #leconsulat