So first things come first, if you want the real deal – asian wise – you have to go roots style and find the source. For at least half of the price (comparatively to a regular chain supermarket), avoiding to get ripped off and guaranteeing genuine authenticity (might sound weird coming from Asia, hun). Either products from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

There are 3 different asian supermarkets in Martim Moniz area for your shopping list – we’ll put their names and more info in the end of the article. Whatever is missing in one of them, the others will for sure list in. We’ll let you know also how to use each one of them but bear in mind there are at least 1000 other ways to use them so feel free to find the best suitable option for you – and share it with us by leaving a comment.

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  • Supermarket Wan (biggest of all 3 with huge variety) | Address: Rua da Palma, 266, 1100-394 Lisboa
  • Supermarket Hua Ta Li (the owner speaks very well Portuguese in case you need some extra help and they have take away food) | Address: Rua Fernandes da Fonseca, 16, 1100-238 Lisboa
  • Supermarket Amanhecer (a true blend of an asian supermarket with a portuguese twist – you’ll understand why) | Address: Rua Palma 41, 1100 Lisboa
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