Looking forward to celebrate Halloween in Lisbon but still no plans 🎃? You came to the right place. 8 scary Halloween experiences you must have in Portugal is still one of our most read articles which make us believe two things: people wanna have fun while shitt*ng their pants 😈! We’ve been asked lately to share what will be popping on the 31st of October so here you have it, guys. Find below our curated selection of 14 creepy and fun things (only because we avoided the number 13 🤐) you can do in Lisbon to celebrate Halloween or as we say in good Portuguese: Dia das Bruxas🔮👻

#1. Halloween Lisbon Festival 🎼⚰

This is the perfect event if you want to shake your demons by the sound of electronic music with several international DJ’s like Ellen Allien, Ben Sims, Glove, Fvndo, Jonas Kopp and Pfirter. It begins at 10:00PM and it goes way after the sun rising – until 8:00AM. The entrance fee is 20,00€ (it can go to 100,00€ for the VIP Ticket including 5 Drinks + VIP Entrance + Backstage Access) and it will take place at Carlos Lopes Pavillion near Edward VII Park. What you can expect: According to the experienced party organizers LX Music: Free yourself! We count on you for an intense deep purge, not with prayers or summon spells, but with music, lots of music, joy and that immense resilient will to dance until the infinite, where the time is a dance floor. Bring your ghosts, open your closet, we wait for you in body or in spirit, but preferably together ☠👻.

#2. Muzeum Escape Room 😰⛓

This invitation is made by Laura, a little girl haunted by her nightmares. This is a pioneer horror experience in Portugal since it combines horror with augmented and virtual reality. It takes place at Laura’s school (in Pontinha, Odivelas) and will debut exactly on the night of 31st of October until the 16th of December – it will be a pop up horror escape room. Until the 28th of October the tickets cost 20,00€ and 30,00€ onwards. What you can expect: Don’t think, just follow Laura

Facebook @ Muzeum Escape Room

#3. The House of Hypersex 🕴⚡

Moullinex will run the night bringing also international and special guests such as Xinobi and HAAi (DJ sets) and MEERA (concert). Plus, a Ballroom contest of giant proportions will also take place. It will happen in the mythic Capitólio venue, starting at 9:00PM and costing 20,00€ per person. What you can expect: A club culture atmosphere 🎚🦇.

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#4. Fiesta de los Muertos 💀🎉

Fábrica Braço de Prata isn’t only a restaurant but a cultural house full of live music sessions, photo & art exhibitions all the time (read full article about it here). Halloween will be no exception. On the night of 31st they’re hosting a traditional Mexican dinner (already sold out tho ❌) and from 10:30PM until 4:00AM the atmosphere will be filled with Caribbean vibes from Quarteto de los Muertos and Espírito Nativo. They recommend a specific costume of Catrina y Charro (google it if you don’t know who they “are”) since it will give a ticket discount. Entrance fee with costume is 5,00€ and without is 7,50€. What you can expect: A true Mexican vibe feast. Arriba, muchachos!! 

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#5. The Lingerie Restaurant 💄🕸

The name of this restaurant says it all. On a normal day, you can find male and female striptease shows and a very suggestive menu 🍑, to say the least. You’ll find controversial dishes such as the Italian 69, Veggie Orgasm, Quickie in the woods, to name a few. Save at least 30,00€ in your pocket for this place. What you can expect: A unique scary and sensual night with special decor and themed performances 🍬👄.

#6. The Phantom of Halloween 😱🎹

The ticket costs 15,00€ and includes a mask and welcome drink. The party goes from 11:00PM to 4:00AM at Time Out Studio in Cais do Sodré and it’s for the 18+ crowd. What you can expect: Definitely mystery and suspense. Just like the play says: Close your eyes and let music set you free.

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#7. Scary home cinema 😨🍿

If you’re in the mood of staying at home and spending no money, this suggestion is for you: watch what we consider some of the creepiest and mindf*cking horror movies. Here’s the list: The Babadook (2014, the horror story between a mother, her son and a third element …); Get Out (2017, horror, fear, comedy and social criticism are the elements you can expect from this movie); The Orphanage (2007, a woman brings her family back to her childhood home, which used to be an orphanage for handicapped children …); The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014, a film crew documenting an elderly woman battling Alzheimer’s disease but not only …); The Visit (2015, a girl and her young brother go visit their grandparents at their farm …). What you can expect: Dropping your popcorn and sleeping with an eye open… just in case.

#8. Run Party Halloween 🏃🦇

OK, this mainly goes to the sport addicts out there 👟. This is the 4th edition of Run Party Halloween event which proves it has a winner formula. It has a total of 6km, being definitely more enjoyable to gather your friends and do it all together. There’s also the 3km walk and a Zumba class for the ones who have nothing to prove anymore 😏. The ticket costs between 7,00€ and 12,00€ and the starting point is at the University Stadium of Lisbon, by 9:00PM. What you can expect: A skeleton shake and a greener lung by the end of it.

#9. Hard Rock Café Halloween DJ Session 🧛🌕

The well-known Hard Rock Café in Lisbon (more precisely in Restauradores) is hosting a DJ session on the night of 31st and the best is the free entrance. Don’t forget to bring some money in your pocket tho cause you might get hungry and you won’t be able to miss some of their American flavoured dishes. What you can expect: A fun low-cost night in town.

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#10. Haunted houses’ route 🏚🕯

Is anybody there? It’s the only question you’re allowed to ask if you chose to do this since these are private houses/buildings. We recommend to do it by night and to use your car as the houses are spread across Lisbon and Sintra. Castelinho de São João do Estoril, located on the road connecting Lisbon and Cascais, has a story about a little girl walking with a doll on her hands (yikes!!). Chalet Biester, also known as The Witch’s House was built between 1866 and 1869, in Sintra, and was used by Roman Polanski to shoot his supernatural thriller The Ninth GateWhat you can expect: Chills and deep silence… or not.

#11. Therapy Sessions Halloween 🤖🎶

This night will be all about the dark and heavy vibes of Drum & Bass. Powered by Yellow-Stripe and Kalimodjo, the party will bring the Hard Dnb producers Counterstrike from South Africa, the Neurofunk and Hard Dnb producer Maztek from Italy, the Russian producer TriaMer plus C-Netik and Blast with a techno dnb set, DJ Hidden, Fragz, BSA and T-Rex will close the night with a B2B in 4 decks. It begins at 11:00PM and ends at 6:00AM – pretty good, hun? Each ticket is available now for 15,00€. It will take place both in Porto on the 27th (Hard Club) and Lisbon on the 31st (LX Factory). What you can expect: According to the organizers: Demented beats for disturbed minds 👹.

#12. Brunch a bunch 🤤🍴

For the ones with clear intentions of drowning their sorrows on a big plate of food, this is the perfect suggestion 👹⚰. Since 1st of November is national bank holiday, you can get up later than usual and go for a brunch. The brunch scene is hotter than ever in Lisbon and only God and 2Pac can judge the ones who prefer breakfast and lunch altogether 👊. Choose a place from this immense list we created – 21 best healthy & new brunches in Lisbon | 2018 – and eat like there’s no tomorrow and no one watching 👀.

#13. HallowBeat Fest’18 😎🖤

If you’re a Hiphop, Funk and AfroBeat fan you can’t miss this party. In the lineup, you can find artists like Nego do Borel, Força Suprema, Wet Bed Gang, DJ Caianda and so on. It will take place at Campo Pequeno and the ticket costs 15,00€. What you can expect: Loads of rhythm and swag vibes with some of the latest and hottest hits 🔥🔥.

#14. Monsanto by night 😨🦉

What is considered the green heart of Lisbon will turn dark on the night of the 31st. The meeting point for this creepy night walk will be at Ajuda Palace entrance / parking lot at 7:50PM and costs 6,00€ per person. Throughout 3h30, prepare yourself to deal with real time darkness and hidden mysteries of Monsanto which usually are seen and visited during the day. What you can expect: If we knew, we’d tell you. So, go and tell us …

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