It’s time to show some love and run away from the expected! Forget the overrated same same postcards, the predictable red roses, the cloying chocolate bonbons and of course the corny teddy bear – not to mention the hearted-shape stuff. Unless you didn’t offer any of the above for the last 10 years, it’s time to move on, step up your game and surprise the ones you love with originality!

Gifts often represent a long lasting memory on which we’ll be remembered for. 

Despite all the tradition and hype around this so-called most romantic day of the year, the gifts listed below are meant to be offered to any chosen person by you, every time you feel like it, throughout the year. It can be a good friend of yours, your mom, dad, brother, neighbor, business partner… Up to you.

The 10 brand gifts suggestions you’ll see next represent Portugal at its best now, with the Portuguese quality stamp on and we do have tons of respect for the brands and their hard work with extremely good taste, never compromising the quality of their products and keeping up with customer expectations.

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These aren’t products you’ll find in every gift store so save it for later. Check the list below:

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