Castelbel is the internationally known Portuguese brand manufacturing extremely high-quality home and body scented products that combines outstanding design with exquisite fragrances and the finest formulations. The name Castelbel derived from the combination of the name of the small town where the company has always been located (Castêlo da Maia) and the portuguese word for beauty (beleza). The company started their activity at the end of 1999 and nowadays, besides the USA., the main markets are the UK, Spain, Germany and Australia.

Aquiles Araújo Barros is the founder and director of Castelbel. He’s the realest combination of an entrepreneur with a visionary.

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Born in 1950, with a degree in Chemical Engineering by Porto University, where in 1973 started to lecture and doing research for 40 years. In 1986, he finished a PhD in Chemistry and in 1999 became Aggregate in Chemistry.

Here’s a curious fact about Aquiles. Volleyball player since he was 14 years old, being National Champion in 1967 when playing for FC Porto, at the age of 19 he decided to take Volleyball to the small town where he was leaving and founded Castelo da Maia Ginásio Clube, which turned to be one of the best volleyball teams in Portugal.

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In 1999, founded Castelbel, with two friends: Jerónimo Campos and Jonathan Bresler. In 2013, the growth of Castelbel was so impressive that he was forced to retire from the Faculty and dedicate all his time to the company.

Aquiles accepted the challenge to name his 10 best suggestions for…

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
AB: Beach (watching the waves)

#2. Favorite restaurant
AB: Seafood place A Antiga in Matosinhos

#3. If you only have 30 minutes in Porto
AB: Walk along the margins of Douro river, near Dom Luís bridge

#4. Porn dream food
AB: Roasted codfish

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Porto
AB: Travel on the yellow line of Metro do Porto

#6. Favorite expression in Portuguese
AB: Bom senso (common sense)

#7. Influential leader to seat next to you on a flight
AB: No one (I hate flying)

#8. Favorite hotel
AB: Home (it’s almost a hotel… just nicer)

#9. Portugal on a plate
AB: Tripas à moda do Porto (tripe with white bean stew)

#10. Perfect place to travel in Portugal
AB: Guimarães historical centre