If you didn’t find us yesterday by accident, you already know we’re big fans of wrap-ups. Euromonitor International released the Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017 Edition by the end of last year so if you’re looking for some inspiration on where to go on your next trip, continue reading. Asian cities knocked out the competition and the list is hotter than ever.



KL as it’s also called, is the capital of Malaysia and the most vivid cultural melting pot of Asia. You’ll find strong influences from the multiple ethnicities in all aspects of KL’s lifestyle. One of the best ways to discover it’s through the food. Greater KL is also known as a shoppers’ paradise. For a relaxing getaway, don’t miss a visit to the islands nearby – Redang, Tioman, Perhentian, to name a few. KL it’s also a good hub to start your trip to the surrounding Asian countries due to its location.


Part of Guangdong Province, just across the border from Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a beautiful coastal garden city, one of China’s wealthiest cities and a Special Economic Zone. Despite of its 5000 years history, it was only founded 30 years ago. Shenzhen is one of China’s 10 Most Welcomed Cities for Rural Migrant Workers. It also has incredible theme and natural parks such as Splendid China, Window of the World, Happy Valley, Waterlands Resort, Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens.


It’s pretty much impossible to talk about the US without mentioning New York. Even Alicia Keys said it’s “famous as a place of movie scenes (…) concrete jungle where dreams are made of” and Frank Sinatra sang that his wish was to “wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep” – the best way to believe it’s actually by going to see with your own eyes and sing each one of these songs so loud that Trump might kick you out. NYC will open the world’s first underground park in 2021 called The Lowline – a must go.


Immortal chic – that’s the best way to describe Paris. Its intemporal charm will knock you down. It can be a city of clichés or real Parisian vibes – up to you. If you’re looking for unique experiences aside from the overrated landmarks, follow this local secret tip: Jim Haynes is a man who lives in Paris and every Sunday he invites up to 60 strangers to his flat for dinner. Sign up on his website.


Paris has a counterfeit museum where the best fake versions of various items are displayed. Eiffel Tower, say what?


Dubai’s attention to detail and perfectionism are growing by the minute. If you have money to spend and luxury is your middle name, don’t skip Dubai’s wonders. Three of them are the Gold & Spice Souk (check our photo article), the world’s largest flower garden – Dubai Miracle Garden or the Burj Khalifa, considered the world’s tallest man-made structure. Fancy fact? In Dubai you can find ATMs that will give you a gold bar. No need to feel unsafe though as the city is considered one of the safest ones on earth due to its strict laws.

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The Asian pearl with European soul – that’s how Macau should be described. Being now under Chinese governance, until 1999 it was colonized by Portugal for 300 years meaning that you can definitely feel the Portuguese vibe. It’s the most densely populated place in the world with a population of 650,900 people and also among the world’s richest regions. Unless other places in China, it’s legal to gamble and it has the world’s largest casino – The Venetian Macau.


Asian Switzerland. That’s what screams Singapore. It has a posh and futuristic side in perfect synchronicity with an Asian vibe. It’s definitely worth to visit the first night zoo Night Safari, the first man-made waterfall at Jurong Bird Park, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Singapore Botanic Gardens. Both the world’s best airport is in Singapore as well as the most instagrammable hotel (#nofilterneeded). Curious facts? It’s heavily censored chewing gum (unless you have medical prescription), feeding pigeons, connecting to another user’s Wi-Fi, annoying someone with a musical instrument or jaywalking, each one punished with a specific fine. How bow dah, hun?


London is considered a staple to everyone wanting to visit Europe. Saying that you know Europe without actually knowing London, it’s like going to Rome and don’t take a selfie with the Pope. Despite its bumps in the road during the last years, it’s pretty remarkable this ranking position. In 2016, London was ranked as the 6th most expensive city to live in and is considered a billionaire’s city, surprisingly with more than 70. Save time for a ride at the London Eye – Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel. Quirky detail? 20 secret subterranean rivers flow under London’s streets.


Even if you never went to Bangkok, you might had heard about it on Hangover movie. Full speed, colorful, open-minded and fun are the words defining Bangkok. It’s considered the world’s hottest city. Bangkok is very tolerant towards gender identity and sexuality resulting in a 3rd gender toilet option for transgender men. Both the world’s biggest Chinatown and gold Buddha also reside in Bangkok. For the shopaholics, Thailand’s capital is a heaven on earth with multiple high-end brands yet with a solid and even highly respectable counterfeit culture. It has cheap awesome street food and amazing spas.

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Hong Kong is one of main Asian hubs due to its strategic location – close to China, Macau and several asian countries – from where you can get cheap flight tickets. It has a brilliant fast pace mixed with a cosmopolitan asian flavor. One of the world’s largest Buddhas is 34 metres high and is located on Lantau Island. Hong Kong is a truly foodie paradise as it has the cheapest Michelin-star food worldwide and one of the highest number of restaurants/cafes per capita. Did you knew you can get married at the McDonalds in HK for about 1620€ with wedding dress, catering (guess by who?), baloon rings and venue included?