Honey sweet by The Old House @ TrenDestination

The 3 best Lisbon restaurants of 2015

Food is always on the top of my list every time I travel. It is one of the main key destination definers. In 2015, there were 3 brand new restaurants that conquered my foodie heart and I bet will steal yours too. From the food, to service, atmosphere and uniqueness. Check them below:

The Old House

Having lived in Asia and due to my family roots, I am a huge fan of bold and authentic flavors!

This restaurant opened in July, in Nations Park area (15 minutes driving from Lisbon downtown) and immediately was included in my have-to-try restaurant list. It was actually during my Mom’s birthday that I had the chance to get to know this place for the first time. It is a chain restaurant belonging to a Chinese group with more than 30 in total being the first one out of the China.

The cuisine is from the Chinese region of Sichuan and please be prepared to get your mouth heated!I would say that even with different levels of chili (chosen by you), you have to be into spices somehow, otherwise you will not fancy this restaurant.

The menu includes some cold and hot dishes’ selection (picked from an iPad but you can ask for the paper menu) and it is supposed to share. I love the Shredded pork, the Twice-cooked pork, the Sliced beef in hot chili oil (the portion is massive), the Chinese water plant and what they called the Honey sweet, meaning “fried gluey cubes with sweet caramel sauce on top” (just created my own name for this!) for dessert. If you are a deep spicy fish lover and you’re hungry, order the Homestyle or Spicy Fish.

The Old House
Twice-cooked pork @ TrenDestination
The Old House
Signature Old House chicken @ TrenDestination
The Old House
Chinese water plant (left) and Pork, tofu and seafood stew (right) @ TrenDestination
The Old House
Honey sweet @ TrenDestination

Don’t miss: Book a table upstairs by the window from where you can  have a better view and get more privacy

Hot tip: If you get a bill superior to 100,00€ they will offer you a 20% discount voucher upon your next visit (until a specific set date) and just be careful with the kitchen closing time – 10:30pm – and make sure you order in advance so you don’t get frustrated at the end

More info:
Average price: 20,00€ – 30,00€ per person (excluding drinks)
Website: here
Contacts: (+351) 969 659 958 / (+351) 218 969 075
Address: Rua da Pimenta, 9, Parque das Nações, Lisboa
Opened every day (12:00pm to 3:00pm / 7:00pm to 11:00pm)

Sala de Corte

This restaurant was what I called a remarkable admirable surprise. I went for an early and quick dinner and ended up loving every moment and wishing to come back again! It is centrally located in the downtown, more specifically in Cais do Sodré.

It is definitely for meat lovers and the menu is easy to read and choose from: pick your meat cut, type of sauce and side dishes.

Sala de Corte
@ Sala de Corte facebook page

I find the saying less is more as the perfect match for this place. Here even the less noble meat cuts (ex the sirloin or picanha) belong to royalty. The meat is served on a rustic wooden board with roasted vine cherry tomatoes, smoked tomato relish and fleur de sel on the side.

Sala de Corte
Chuletón de Buey for two @ Sala de Corte facebook page

The sauce really depends on your preferences. However, I find it challenging to choose only a few side dishes – they are simply mouthwatering – but please order the Sweet potato dauphinoise and the Lettuce hearts with mustard and honey dressing. Obviously, if you’re into strong flavors, the Truffle scented potato purée and the Endive salad with Roquefort and walnuts will fit your palate perfectly.

The only downside of this place relies on the fact that they don’t accept reservations which I usually don’t like. Especially, if you’re travelling you want to make sure each minute is being well spent what might be spoiled if the place you want is full.

Don’t miss: The Chef’s counter bar area from where you have the chance to watch the final dish preps while enjoying a drink and some starters.

Sala de Corte
Chef’s counter @ Sala de Corte facebook page

Hot tip: In order to guarantee a seat without making a prior booking, go between 7:00pm and 7:30pm or from 11:00pm onwards.

More info:
Average price: 25,00€ to 30,00€ per person (excluding drinks)
Website: here
Contact: (+351) 213 460 030
Address: Rua da Ribeira Nova, 28, 1200-376 Lisboa
Opened from Monday to Friday (12:00pm to 3:00pm / 7:00pm to 12:00am) and from Saturday to Sunday (12:00pm to 12:00am)

Rio Maravilha

If you’re looking for a funky hidden gem with a surprising view, this is the place!

Rio Maravilha
Rio Maravilha unique view @ TrenDestination

It is located in LX Factory a creative hub in Alcântara (10 minutes driving from Lisbon downtown) and it recently opened in October 2015. The kitchen is led by the talented Chef Diogo Noronha, who also runs another restaurant called Casa de Pasto, in Cais do Sodré. The restaurant name Rio Maravilha means in English Wonderful River. It has two different rooms and from one of them you get to see the Cristo Rei (Christ the King), just like Brazil, the Tagus River and the 25th April Bridge – now you know the symbology behind the restaurant’s name.

Rio Maravilha is a gastrobar and the menu is influenced by Brazilian flavors, with the unbeaten Portuguese products.

The dishes are meant to split and some of my fav are the Lamb burger with tomato, beer jam and yoghurt as well as the Yucca and crackling chips with homemade ketchup.

Rio Maravilha
70% chocolate, carob, cocoa sorbet and green tea @ TrenDestination

I really enjoy the fact that it closes late – 2:00am! So it fits perfectly for a late night out dinner. The staff is friendly and informal.

Don’t miss: Their signature cocktails and sip them on the terrace! My favorite is the Raspberry Margarita with… Pop Rocks!

Hot tip: Reservation is definitely needed. However, in case you don’t get a table they will automatically suggest the brother restaurant Casa de Pasto and they will make the reservation for you – which I find as a pro-active nice touch.

More info:
Average price: 20,00€ – 30,00€ per person (excluding drinks)
Website: here 
Contact: (+351) 966 028 229
Address: Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, 3, 4th floor, Alcântara, Lisboa (LX Factory)
Opened from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner – from 12:00pm to 2:00am (except on Tuesday for lunch and Sunday for dinner) / Closed all day on Monday


  1. Amazing review QuintessentialPortugal.
    Thank you for sharing. It will make my trip to Lisbon even better than I was expeting. For sure 🙂

  2. Já fui lá com a minha filha e adorei. Vou voltar, já tenho muitas saudades.
    Parabéns pela excelente comida.
    Em Lisboa, por certo o melhor na sua área