Ramen, Amen 

First things first, who doesn’t love a big bowl of soup full of nutrients, big punch flavors and an endless kick-ass broth? Hello, I’m Ramen!

For starters, we suggest the Gwa Bao Chashu Chicken – the perfectly white fluffy clouds with marinated roasted chicken and tonkotsu sauce. Plus the pork and vegetables Gyozas.

KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Steamed buns (4,80€) @ TrenDestination
KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Tasty Gyozas (4,50€) @ TrenDestination

We specifically asked for the Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone broth) and we weren’t lucky but they were planning to have it soon (maybe they have it now). So, changed direction by going with the Chashu Pork Shoyu Ramen (the main differences from the Tonkotsu are the noodles, pak choi and the pork broth) and Tan Tan Chicken Ramen (chicken broth based).

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KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Chashu Pork Shoyu Ramen (11,50€) @ TrenDestination
KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Tan Tan Chicken Ramen (12,00€) @ TrenDestination

Dessert was skipped since it’s definitely a challenge to beat a ramen when it’s good! Our stomachs were way to comfortable for that. Didn’t want to put them in a hard position.

Don’t miss: If you never had Genmaicha tea (green tea combined with roasted brown rice) or colloquially known as popcorn tea (you’ll understand why), this is a brilliant opportunity to do it! Our absolute favorite tea!

Hot tip: The best time is right at 7:00PM until 8:00PM or from 11:00PM onwards. But in case you’re stubborn and decide to go between that timeframe, be ready to wait and hear told you so.

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