Fall, the season of all seasons

Today it’s the beginning of Fall season. Our preferred one of all four of them. But there’s one fifth season that goes hand in hand with Fall which is Nostalgia as they fall in love everytime they see each other during this time of the year. It could be translated as Saudade in Portuguese but there’s no translation when chemistry speaks louder. They just walk side by side, silently, flowing, knowing they belong to each other with the firm certainty that every year they can just be one. Together again. Forever, in their own silent way. That’s Fall.

Fall season @ TrenDestination

Fall means endless foggy roads, a soft permanent sense of spices in the air, big rounded apples, a sprinkle of cinnamon, fluffy grandmother blankets, hot thick chocolate, just enough wind in your face for you to wake up, comfy vintage socks, Sunday roast and roasted chestnuts, long and charming scarfs, squirrels and nuts, walking on a stack of leaves and enjoy the cracking sound, more coffee and pies please, is becoming a pro in the art of cuddling, extra foam on your cappuccino, is all shades of brown and yellow, wooden board games, orange and mellow, where only caramel is the king, is also warmy scented candles and that little full bodied glass of wine, let it be fireplaces with pines, grapes and cheese, is carrying piles of books, staring into a black cat’s eye, wearing your oldest pair of boots.

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Fall happens when you trust your gut and jump, with eyes wide open, when enough is enough with no but.


It’s the season of big decisions. Where everything falls into place. No second doubts, is believing in what you promised during last year’s Fall, it’s owning your commitment with yourself first and stop fucking around. Is screaming I care in silence. Fall isn’t the loudest season though, that’s for Summer. Fall is whispering and secrets, tales and stories. And now, have you Fall in love? If not, no rush. It has just begun.