Due to the high demand for our personal assistance in multiple ways, you can now use our 24/7 Concierge chat while surfing on the site. From our expertise and extensive network, you can now reach us for various services such as event organization, flight booking, hotel / house reservations, event ticket booking, venue sourcing, shopping & gifts spree, mystery client, hospitality / business consultancy, etc. (you tell us – please challenge our creativity).

10 of the coolest & craziest requests we received

  1. Finding a venue with sea view for a Danish couple to get married
  2. A selection of the best gluten free restaurants in Lisbon
  3. Organize an event for an international snickers brand – special collection edition
  4. Booking a long-haul flight on a tight budget
  5. Create a complete travel itinerary for a summer vacation in Thailand
  6. Finding vintage decor props for a music video of a Portuguese singer
  7. Closing a private house with terrace pool for a birthday party with private chef cooking
  8. Online & social media promotion plan for a supper-club
  9. Search for an exclusive restaurant for a private group meeting
  10. Private tour on a national palace

For any (normal or crazy) request, the best, free and quickest way to reach us is through our private 24/7 chat – click on the bottom right icon – or directly here.