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Coffee, cakes and wifi | 5 best international cafes in Lisbon

As human beings we need simple things in life. Meaning: a high-quality cup of coffee or tea with the finest herbs, a homemade sweet piece of pastry and an awesome wifi connection. And let’s face it: how many times have you wandered around Lisbon looking for these three little things? I know, too many. That’s exactly why I decided to share the top 5 places for you to sip, work, snap, facetime, chat, eat, or simply do nothing – all at once. They are especially good options if you’re in the mood of having a one-on-one with your gadgets. Shout out to all the digital nomads, millennials vs. generation Z and hard chillers out there. Be ready to leave Portugal for a day and get inspiration from France, Austria, Denmark or the United States, without leaving your chair.

Nicolau Cafe | Healthy, tasty & laid back kingdom

I bet you’re wondering wtf is Nicolau or what it means. No? You should. It’s the posh dog responsible for this place. You’ll see him… framed.

Nicolau Lisboa cafe downtown @ TrenDestination
Sir Nicolau @ TrenDestination

Well, this cafe is a breath of fresh air amidst the downtown. It opened in August this year and it’s part of Home Lisbon Hostel – don’t let this detail fool you since you can’t even noticed it. What’s cool about this place is that they serve a great brunch (for 13,00€)… everyday! Yeah, no more Saturdays or Sundays only annoying options. They have some of the best pancakes in town. Let me spell it, B-E-S-T. Hence, there are tons of other healthy and very tasty options on the menu. I bet you’ll return right after your first visit (#guilty).

Nicolau Lisboa best pancake @ TrenDestination
Nicolau pancake (with mascarpone and raspberries) @ TrenDestination

Hot tip: There is a vinyl record player in the room and you can choose from their music options and play the vinyl you want. Nice move!

Nicolau Lisboa cafe downtown @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

Don’t miss: Their lattes and cappuccinos – the type leaving you with a proper foamy moustache. My favorite is the Matcha – properly made and the best I’ve tried so far in… Portugal!

Nicolau Lisboa green tea matcha @ TrenDestination
Matcha @ TrenDestination

More info:
Average price: 7,00€ per person
Contact: (+351) 218 860 312
Address: Rua de São Nicolau, 17, Baixa, Lisboa
Opened Monday (9:00am to 5:00pm) / Tuesday to Friday (9:00am to 6:30pm) / Saturday (9:00am to 6:00pm) / Closed on Sunday

Copenhagen Coffee Lab | The Nordic cozy minimalism

This place is all about high-quality coffee so if you’re a coffee nerd, you’ll feel at home. I’m totally into the minimalist whitey decor vibe of this cafe, which began as a simple coffee truck. It’s incredibly simple yet inviting and cozy.  There are two rooms and the smallest in the back is just perfect in case you need a little bit of more privacy. Take a closer look to their daily fresh Danish pastry – you’ll find some yummy surprises such as the insanely good cinnamon buns and the fluffy carrot cake.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab Lisbon
@ Facebook Copenhagen Coffee Lab Lisbon

Hot tip: Half of the space is non-laptop allowed so in case you’re bringing yours, ask first for the right seat (there aren’t many electric plugs available). There are coffee bags ready to buy, so try the one you want first and bring them home. 

Don’t miss: The Danish filter coffee (or the chai latte if you’re a non-coffee drinker). If you really dig North European flavors, go for the knäckebröd (crispbread with herbed cream and cured cheese).

Cappuccino Copenhagen Coffee Lab Lisbon @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

More info:
Average price: 5,00€ per person
Contact: (+351) 916 604 054
Address: Rua Nova da Piedade, 10, Príncipe Real, Lisboa 1200-405 L
Opened everyday (8:00am to 7:00pm) / Saturday and Sunday (from 9:30am)

TEASE | The one & only NY cupcake heaven

I’m a huge fan of this place since it was located in Bairro Alto 6 years ago but it’s so much better in Príncipe Real now. It definitely attracts a more hipster crowd and the atmosphere is very chilling. It’s mostly known for its cupcakes but nowadays has a wider menu including all types of light lunch dishes plus some great signature cocktails. Who said you can only eat cupcakes with tea or coffee? However, their cupcakes will knock you down. You’re nobody if you don’t order at least one.

Tease cupcakes Príncipe Real @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

Hot tip: Don’t let the cupcake scenery fool you as they have a good variety of salads, toasts, waffles, soups, etc. more than worth to try. Why not order a bunch of different cupcakes for your next birthday party? Throw your big cake idea through the window (#ByeSlicesAndNapkins).

Tease cupcakes Príncipe Real @ TrenDestination
@ Facebook Tease

Don’t miss: The red velvet cake! This is the one thing you can’t definitely miss. There isn’t any other so good looking cake like this one. As an option, you have the red velvet cupcake as well.

Tease cupcakes Príncipe Real @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

More info:
Average price: 5,00€ per person
Contact: (+351) 215 962 773
Address: Rua Nova da Piedade, 15, Praça das Flores, Príncipe Real, Lisboa
Opened everyday (9:00am to 9:00pm) / Friday and Saturday (9:00am to 11:00pm)

Kaffeehaus | From Austria  with attitude

Vienna is just in the heart of Chiado. At Kaffeehaus, you’ll find a relaxing yet modern place, covered with film posters. They offer authentic Austrian specialties such as all type of schnitzel, grilled sausages, homemade tarts and cakes (including the both famous Sachertorte and Apfelstrudel). From all 5 café suggestions, this might be where you’ll spend most money but you’re in Austria for a day – what were you expecting? But on the bright side you can bring your dog as it’s pet-friendly. Once inside, you just lose track of time and by the end you’ll be asking for die rechnung, bitte!

Kaffehaus Lisbon downtown Chiado
@ Kaffehaus Lisbon Facebook

Hot tip: You can eat anything from the menu anytime so be a rebel and have a steak for your mid-afternoon snack.

Don’t miss: Choosing a seat outside and getting some free tan, while you envy people passing by and carrying luxury brand bags (#callitgettinginspiration).

More info:
Average price: 15,00€ per person
Contact: (+351) 210 956 828
Address: Rua Anchieta, 3, Chiado, Lisboa
Opened on Monday (12:00pm to 4:00pm) / Tuesday to Friday (12:00pm to 12:00am) / Saturday (11:00am to 12:00am) / Sunday (11:00am to 8:00pm)

L’Éclair | A glimpse of Paris in Lisbon

If you’re in the mood to feel French for a day and forget about that Ryanair 9,99€ promo you lost, head to L’Éclair in Saldanha. It has a clean, classy and modern look with that charming parisien vibe and that one thing extremely valuable inside a place: enough distance between tables – thumbs up! The choice of your éclair depends obviously of your favorite flavors BUT the salted butter caramel with popcorn and the rose lychee raspberry éclairs are definitely one of a kind. You’ll also find some cute colorful macarons so before they bite you, take the lead.

L'Éclair Saldanha @ TrenDestination
L’Éclair Saldanha @ TrenDestination
L'Éclair Saldanha @ TrenDestination
L’Éclair Saldanha @ TrenDestination

Hot tip: Try not to go near their closing time as the éclair choice might not be that varied.

L'Éclair Saldanha @ TrenDestination
L’Éclair Saldanha @ TrenDestination

Don’t miss: Their salty éclairs with all type of good stuff inside like smoked salmon, smoked duck breast or parmesan Reggiano cheese AOP. Only served from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

More info:
Average price: 15,00€ per person
Contact: (+351) 211 363 877
Address: Avenida Duque de Ávila, 44, Saldanha, Lisboa
From Tuesday to Friday (8:30am to 8:00pm) / Saturday and Sunday (9:30am to 7:00pm) / Closed on Monday

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Alma restaurant is full of soul | The ultimate umami experience

Ok, there’s an elephant in the room and I won’t ignore it any longer. Meaning, Henrique, the Star is on its way! Ok, I said it. Patience is indeed a virtue but the spotlight will be yours soon. Upon the opening of Alma Chiado, a lot of buzz merged from it and I decided to stay away until getting the chance to generate my own unbiased opinion. So, for the ones who hadn’t the chance to visit it yet, shame on you but there’s hope. Alma (in Portuguese) means soul and this is exactly what the food creativity of Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa is about. Go and discover with him what food for thought truly means when you use a fork and a knife.

Every bite was created carefully with just enough control and freedom of someone who knows exactly what he’s doing.

Every bite leads to the Chef’s life, past and vision, one can feel that.

Every bite feels like Lisbon falling in love for Asia, when traveling the world without forgetting the portuguese traditional roots.

Every bite is bold and will bite your senses right away.

Every bite gives you the natural sense of forgetting where you are.

Every bite is Henrique Sá Pessoa.

Alma isn’t posh. It’s unpretentiously charming. Effortlessly smart chic. Uniquely distinct.

Get a feeling of what kind of umami flavors you will discover.

Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Simply genious amuse bouche @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Mackerel, vegetable escabeche, mussel and barnacle water, sea lettuce | Costa a Costa menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Glazed baby carrots, goats cheese, dried fruit bulgur, cumin oil | Alma menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Roasted octopus, romesco sauce, potato skins, capers, smoked paprika | Costa a Costa menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Seared foie gras, apple, granola, almond, coffee | Alma menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Red mullet, xerém (maize porridge), caldeirada (fish stew) sauce, samphire | Costa a Costa menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Confit suckling pork, sweet potato purée, pak choi, orange jus | Alma menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Sea flavors and citrus | Costa a Costa menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
Mango, passion fruit, coconut, black sesame seeds | Alma menu @ TrenDestination
Alma Chiado by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa @ TrenDestination
The perfect end @ TrenDestination

Hot tip: The best way to have a full-immerse Alma experience is by choosing one of the tasting menus instead of choosing à la carte. If you’re not alone, I suggest ordering different tasting menus in order to have the chance of trying diverse dishes.

Don’t miss: The recent Costa a Costa menu is simply superb paying a sincere and flavorful hommage to the sea. However the Alma menu, as my favorite, embodies and sums up what Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa cuisine is about (the roasted carrots are completely mind-blowing!).

More info:
Alma Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Average price: 55,00€ (à la carte) – 80,00€ per person (tasting menu) excluding drinks
Website: here
Contact: (+351) 213 470 650
Address: Rua da Anchieta, 15, Chiado, 1200-023, Lisboa
Opened from Tuesday to Sunday (12:00pm to 3:00pm / 7:00pm to 11:00pm) / Closed on Monday

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Loco restaurant | 10 tips for a mad crazy experience

Well, the day I visited Loco arrived. And, what a f#%!&?* arrival! That restaurant was on my list since its opening and the days after, turned into weeks, weeks into months but dear fellas – that day has finally come! As long as I’d love to endlessly expatiate about each mouthwatering bite just like a great wannabe food critic obsessed with that particular one micro herb turned into a thin powder which origin deep down nobody really cares, I refuse to do it. First because it’s boring and secondly I don’t want to spoil anyone’s experience. Because what happens in Loco, even if close enough to the mouth should be locked inside our brains. Let it be your dirty little secret. So instead, I’ll share the absolutely crucial points you need to know about Loco before making a reservation. And if the 10 tips below don’t turn your senses on, you better check out those taste buds.

#1. Powerful bites

To visit Loco, you must be into fine dining somehow or at least be open minded towards it. Loco is about that one memorable bite so mouthwatering that will a-l-w-a-y-s make you cry for more. That’s the purpose. Embrace food perspective, it’s rewarding at the end.

Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination
Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination
Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
You won’t guess what’s inside @ TrenDestination

#2. Save time

During the day, we simply don’t have enough time to enjoy the best things in life – eating, drinking and sleeping – I don’t know about you but at least these are mine. So, I only recommend this type of restaurant (if there’s any type Loco fits into) exclusively for dinners. And guess what? Loco is only opened at night. So, make an early reservation – I suggest no later than 9:00pm – to take the most advantage of the whole experience, no rush.

#3. Basílica da Estrela appetizer visit

Basílica da Estrela monument is definitely a Lisbon’s landmark and it’s 2 minutes walking distance from Loco. Go for a visit before your dinner. It’s open from Monday to Sunday between 9:30am and 12:00am and 2:00pm to 6:30pm and the ticket costs 4,00€ per person (3,00€ if you’re on a group). There are 114 steps so if you’re wearing high heels, just leave it for next time. You won’t like to arrive at Loco sweating like a heavy moustache.

Basílica da Estrela @ TrenDestination
Basílica da Estrela by night @ TrenDestination

#4. Choose your lucky number: 14 or 18

Loco has two different menus: either with 14 or (at least) 18 moments. Simple and mysterious as that. Both divided in 4 movements though where all you have to do is put your entire food soul in the skilled hands of the Chef. Obviously, I recommend the lucky number 18, once again based on my you came all this way theory. And I bet if you chose the 14 moments menu, you’ll have nightmares with the remaining 4 ones. They’ll haunt you forever.

Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Chorizo steam bread @ TrenDestination
Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Tuna, quinoa and lemon @ TrenDestination
Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Pork neck, black garlic and spicy mushroom @ TrenDestination

#5. Wine pair it

You might wanna think with your wallet here but seriously, you came all the way to have a dinner at Loco and all of a sudden you’re thinking about money? #Dubious. Jump in and go for the wine pairing to complete the set, especially because they’re all portuguese (thumbs up!). However, in case you want to save the money to come back the week after, fair enough. I suggest at least a bottle of wine for two to join the meal plus water. However, if you aren’t into wines at all, you can chose between artisanal beer and homemade fermented fruit juices.

Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Portuguese wine selection @ TrenDestination
Loco menu by Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Homemade drink @ TrenDestination

#6. Setting up a trend 

Forget about standards, notions and sequences as you’ll not start your meal with the couvert – it only arrives after a few intense moments. And I know what you’re thinking – who thinks about the couvert anyway? – BUT, at Loco, everyone. It is by far one of the best ones I had in a long time. Those butters are perfect rounded sins that melted my cold heart. The type that are even sinful to think. And the steak sauce in the pan … oh yeah, there’s a sauce in a pan! And it ends here.

Loco menu by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Bread, butters, olive oil and steak sauce @ TrenDestination

#7. 1000 soldiers for the battle

A large portion of the restaurant is occupied by the open kitchen from where you can follow all the precise moves from Loco soldiers. The front-of-the-house staff is also extremely attentive and different faces will accompany you throughout the night. I found a distinctive and interesting detail that almost each team member was able to properly and precisely present a dish. You don’t see it that often.

Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Happy team = excellent results @ TrenDestination

#8. Break the share button

Get your cellphone ready – meaning tons of space – for pictures and videos! My suggestion is for you to tell the staff about your serious report intentions (#FOMOstyle) right at the beginning so they can let you know in advance when a unexpected moment is about to happen and believe me – they will happen. This will be the type of experience you’ll want to Snapchat.

Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
Carasau bread pending from the ceiling @ TrenDestination
Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#9. Loco’s leader

Alexandre Silva is the mastermind behind Loco. He was the winner of the first Top Chef portuguese edition, in 2012. His signature on a plate leaves a bold watermark of his food and travel influences.  If only by looking at a person you’d get the personality and cause first impressions are the ones you don’t forget, I’d describe him in three words as focused, low-profile yet fearless. To get the other side of his more simplistic cuisine flavors, head to his stall at Mercado da Ribeira market.

Chef Loco - Alexandre Silva
The Chef @ Loco

#10. A free chemistry class

You probably assume that by the end of a long and surprising meal, there’s nothing else to expect after the dessert – wrong! Even if you don’t drink coffee, go for it since the experience is totally unmissable. At Loco, I learnt that coffee isn’t just coffee (#StarbucksAintGotNothingOnThis). It’s made the traditional way using a glass balloon coffee maker – the type that only Happy Potter could have at home. One might think that it’s the nowadays posh version of coffee making but it’s actually traditional to do it this way. The only place I’ve seen this same method before was at Gambrinus restaurant.

Don’t miss: Kindly ask the staff if they can give you a detailed printed menu with all the dishes’ description and the Chef’s signature.

Loco by Chef Alexandre Silva @ TrenDestination
18 moments menu @ TrenDestination

Hot tip: Should I repeat 18 moments again?

More info:
Loco Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Average price: from 70,00€ per person for the 14 moments menu (excluding drinks)
Website: here
Contact: (+351) 213 951 861
Address: Rua dos Navegantes, 53B, Lapa-Estrela, Lisboa 1200
Opened from Tuesday to Sunday (7:00pm to 12:00am, note that the kitchen closes at 11:00pm) / Closed on Monday

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The best japanese restaurants in Lisbon | Beyond sushi

I must confess that I cherish this big love for Japan and all its asianess. It’s my ultimate dream destination and it’s definitely on my plans visit it soon. So while I’m daydreaming, I entertain myself discovering Japan in Lisbon and it was about time for me to cover this subject. Bear in mind that this topic will not be about sushi though, otherwise I’d have to mention two of my favorite japanese Chefs in Portugal: Tomo Kanazawa and Paulo Morais. By the way, I still didn’t recover from Umai restaurant closing in 2014 and I still have to pay a visit to Kanazawa, with enough time to enjoy the experience and my best outfit (yes, there’s a dress code). I’ll talk about the other side of Japanese flavors sitting on the other sushi fence. So, getting back to business, below you’ll discover more about what I consider to be the most japanese restaurants in Lisbon. Be ready to find the real meaning of umami.

The LX Japanese tavern | Tasca Kome

Yuko Yamamoto is the lady Chef behind Tasca Kome. Before opening it, she used to be dedicated teaching others, in her own house, how to put flavor and authenticity into japanese dishes. Gotta tell you that I visited this restaurant for the first time right after its opening in 2013, but only after massive fails because it was always full (good for them, annoying as hell for me!). But since then, I can’t avoid ordering everytime the same – do you know those signature dishes you can’t run away from? That’s what you’ll find here. With their daily menus at lunch, it’s the only time I let loose and follow their suggestions.

Tasca Kome
@ TrenDestination

So, like a good food control freak inspector I am – the disease where you find yourself controlling every bits of food that comes to the table – the must order courses are Takoyaki (octopus balls), salmon Zukedon (marinated salmon with sushi rice and ikura / 13,50€), mackerel ceviche japanese style (with miso and ginger / 12,00€) and Kakuni (pork belly with soy and sake sauce / 7,00€).

Tasca Kome
Takoyaki (7,50€) @ Tasca Kome

For dessert, there are two rivals always fighting for my approval: the parmesan cheesecake and the green tea chiffon cake (served with azuki bean paste and green tea ice cream) – both divine! They have other chiffon cake flavors besides green tea. This is the first place I’ve found a similar option to kasutera sponge cake (from Nagasaki region) after Castella do Paulo tea room closing in Terreiro do Paço.

Don’t miss: The excellent matcha cappuccino at the end with the dessert, done the traditional way.

Hot tip: Their lunch menu costing 9,50€ per person including miso soup, salad and the fish or meat for main with a rice bowl.

Tasca Kome
@ TrenDestination
Tasca Kome
Steamed plaice with ginger and soy sauce @ TrenDestination

More info:
Average price: 20,00€ – 25,00€ per person (excluding drinks)
Website: here
Contact: (+351) 211 340 117
Address: Rua da Madalena, 57, Lisboa
Opened from Wednesday to Sunday (12:00pm to 3:00pm, 7:00pm to 11:00pm) / Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Ramen, Amen | KOPPU – Ramen Concept Food

It was late already when I decided to chose KOPPU for dinner. My stomach starting screaming (Ramen, ramen, ramen…) and the only option to silent that inner crazy voice was by pleasing it. First things first, who doesn’t love a big bowl of soup full of nutrients, big punch flavors and an endless kick-ass broth? Hello, I’m Ramen!

As I said, I was starving so had to ask for starters from which I recommend the Gwa Bao Chashu Chicken – the perfectly white fluffy clouds with marinated roasted chicken and tonkotsu sauce. Plus the pork and vegetables Gyozas.

KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Steamed buns (4,80€) @ TrenDestination
KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Tasty Gyozas (4,50€) @ TrenDestination

I specifically asked for the Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone broth) and I wasn’t lucky but they were planning to have it soon (maybe they have it now). So, changed direction by going with the Chashu Pork Shoyu Ramen (the main differences from the Tonkotsu are the noodles, pak choi  and the pork broth) and Tan Tan Chicken Ramen (chicken broth based).

KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Chashu Pork Shoyu Ramen (11,50€) @ TrenDestination
KOPPU Ramen Concept Food
Tan Tan Chicken Ramen (12,00€) @ TrenDestination

Dessert was skipped since it’s definitely a challenge to beat a ramen when it’s good! My stomach was way to comfortable for that. Didn’t want to put it in a hard position.

Don’t miss: If you never had Genmaicha tea (green tea combined with roasted brown rice) or colloquially known as popcorn tea (you’ll understand why), this is a brilliant opportunity to do it! My absolute favorite tea!

Hot tip: The best time is right at 7:00pm until 8:00pm or from 11:00pm onwards. But in case you’re stubborn and decide to go between that timeframe, be ready to wait and hear told you so.

More info:
Average price: 15,00€ – 20,00€ per person (excluding drinks)
Website: here
Contact: (+351) 213 900 043
Address: Rua de Gustavo de Matos Sequeira, 30, Príncipe Real, 1200, Lisboa
Opened from Tuesday to Saturday at 7:00pm until 12:00am (Friday and Saturday until 1:00am) / Closed on Sunday and Monday

First lady has arrived | Miss Jappa

Anna Lins is the super woman behind Miss Jappa and I met her for the first time at Umai when she and Paulo Morais were kicking ass together as the power couple they are in the kitchen. So, when she opened this restaurant was immediately included in my must-try list. What I like most in her approach to food is the unexpected route she takes by redesigning a distinct path between tradition and modernity.

Miss Jappa
@ TrenDestination

With its big red sign right in the entrance, it’s impossible to miss this restaurant.

Miss Jappa
@ TrenDestination

Once you get in, you’ll meet a trendy vibe within a coziness soul. The menu is divided through the following categories: Japanese Junk Food, Old Timers, Atarashi – New Timers, Sushi Bar and Hot.

Miss Jappa
@ TrenDestination

In my childhood, there was a game we used to play called Quantos queres (Fortune Teller in english) and in the Japanese Junk Food section you’ll find a tasty version of it – go for it to start your meal!

Miss Jappa
Wasabi peas, wonton chips, shrimp chips and peanut with miso caramel (3,00€) @ TrenDestination

From the Old Timers, the Gyoza Trio will give you a bit of everything – chicken, shrimp and veggies!

Miss Jappa
Gyoza trio (3,75€) @ TrenDestination

In the Atarashi – New Timers and for a bit of fun and alcohol, I recommend the Gunkan Russian Roulette where whoever gets the chili pepper must drink the sake shot – good luck! The Tartar in a Box (tuna and salmon tartar with shrimp chips and sweet chili sauce) is also recommendable. From the Hot chapter the Pork collar steamed buns with soy, mirin and ginger sauce accompanied with sautéed mushrooms as well as the sautéed spinach, pumpkin, shitake powder and egg Ramen are absolutely unmissable.

Miss Jappa
Boxed tartar (9,00€) @ TrenDestination
Miss Jappa
Stuff it all you can (12,50€) @ TrenDestination
Miss Jappa
Sautéed spinach, pumpkin, shitake powder and egg Ramen (8,00€) @ TrenDestination

Don’t miss: The black sesame crème brûlée for dessert as well as their lunch menu on weekdays starting at 10,00€ per person including starter, main and drink.

Miss Jappa
Dig in that perfect crust (2,50€) @ TrenDestination

Hot tip: Order a cocktail to go with the food since Mr. Cocktail himself – the one and only Dave Palethorpe – was responsible for putting together all the sake one can handle.

Miss Jappa
Scarlett (macerated pineapple, lemon juice, sake with a lemon zest) @ TrenDestination

More info:
Average price: 18,00€ – 20,00€ per person (excluding drinks)
Facebook: here
Contact: (+351) 211 379 763
Address: Praça do Príncipe Real, 5A, Lisboa
Opened from Tuesday to Sunday at 12:30pm until 3:30pm / 7:30pm until 12:00am (Friday and Saturday from 7:30pm to 1:00am) / Closed on Monday

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Chimera Brewpub | A bold & cold pint

I met Adam for the first time when he was the Head Chef at The Insólito, and I always appreciated his approach and way of thinking towards food. So when he left to open his own restaurant – Chimera – with Thomas Mancini, I continued following him on his kitchen journey and now that he launched the Chimera Brewpub in Alcântara was the right time to re-visit him again.

Chimera Brewpub
@ TrenDestination

Besides Adam and his lovely wife, Raquel, I was greeted with… a pint (of course) and was indeed a bold welcoming!

Chimera Brewpub
@ TrenDestination

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Only for fans | 6 Sweet Potato killer dishes you should eat

Whoop whoop, put your hands up, if you’re a sweet potato fan! Whoop whoop, put your (…)! Can you feel the beat? I bet you can if thinking about sweet potato makes your heart race (mine didn’t stop yet). I can’t think in another ingredient that makes me feel so excited. Once featured in any dish menu, it’s mandatory for me to order it. Roasted, boiled, fried, mashed, raw (ok, too much) baked, dried, pâté, whatever – it always tastes great. Obviously there’s a nutritional aka guilty by association side that makes me love this super tuber even more but it’s the texture mixed with its natural flavor. Continue reading Only for fans | 6 Sweet Potato killer dishes you should eat

Tea with a Sea View | 3 luxury yet affordable suggestions in Cascais

If you can’t relate tea with sea, sand and sky it’s because you can only think of your granny or because you were missing this post (I bet on this one). So read it carefully and take note on where to have beautiful tea sessions surrounded by the best nature has to offer you without charging for it. Here’s the top 3 of five star hotels offering deluxe tea afternoon versions at a fair price. Continue reading Tea with a Sea View | 3 luxury yet affordable suggestions in Cascais

5 top lunch menus up to 15,00€ in downtown Lisbon

Sometimes we just want great food during our lunch time.

How many times you’ve wondered around in Lisbon downtown looking for a restaurant with high quality food and a nice relaxed atmosphere, without necessarily paying much, away from the crowds and far from being a tourist trap? Cheers to that.

That is why I’ve decided to share with you 5 high-quality lunch menus up to 15,00€ right in the centre of Lisbon. They’re usually served from Monday to Friday, perfect for a break from your annoying colleague in the office, a catch up with your long-time-no-see-aka-since-college friend, that business meeting you’ve been rescheduling forever, a pause in your visit to the city or simply because you deserve good food. Check them below:

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The Blind Tiger Society & Supper Club | The underground & by invitation-only Supper club

Supper Club. Let’s start with the concept. Supper and not super. Club and not restaurant. The key elements are definitely private house, amateur chef, word of mouth and invitation. It’s getting hotter in Lisbon but it’s still pretty unknown for the grand majority.

I was looking for an experience where my guests could feel at home, in total privacy but with awesome food – bringing the comfort and sense of hospitality of my own home to someone’s everyday nest. Tricky, right? That was why I stepped into The Blind Tiger Society Supper Club.

The Blind Tiger Society Supper Club
@ TrenDestination

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TOPO is top | The rooftop you need to visit in Lisbon

I heard a lot about TOPO and my first thought was “just another rooftop in Lisbon” and I gave a bit more time to settle down the buzz. I usually don’t like to experience something that is consistently on top of conversations because expectations can run high, ended up on my buzz being killed. In this particular case, and now after paying them a visit, I feel that it deserves (all) that buzz.

TOPO is one of the coolest places I’ve known so far in 2016!

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