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SOTD CLUB | A sensorial journey to find your scent

Before you start reading: have you ever wondered what are the secret scents of your daily perfume? And how a fragrance can define a person and set the tone for first impressions and future memories? They have the ability to make us travel in time, identify recollections, create history and build long-tasting emotions. What if I tell you that there’s a private scent club with the mission of pairing our personality strengths and our most intimate desires with unparalleled fragrances from the best perfumistas? This is the premise of SOTD Club.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

“We want perfumes that leave us completely out of breath. We want perfumes that lean us against the wall. We want perfumes that make us dream higher.” (SOTD Club)

But keep in mind though that the words memorable and one-of-a-kind will stick indefinitely in your skin, just like that unique scent you can’t forget about. We’re heading back to the past and taking the best of it, when perfumes used to be totally unique, often created specifically for a single person, based on personality.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

So think about worldwide leading perfumistas, creating the most unique scents from virgin saffron of Iran, elegantly delicate Ylang Ylang from Indonesia, mysterious Oud from Myanmar, intensely fierce Bulgarian roses or exquisite vanilla oils from Madagascar, bottling them up to give away the opportunity of a lifetime to remain unforgettable.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

Through the passionate knowledge of the scent evangelist Pedro Dias and the Learning around the Cuco masterclasses, you’ll discover the inner secrets of their exclusive fragrances and the unspoken chemistry when touching your skin.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
Scent evangelist Pedro Dias @ TrenDestination

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Recently launched in November 2016, this is an innovative concept around the niche of haute parfumerie created by 3 founding partners with a vivid and absolute flair for noteworthy aromas. In addition to the online store, these nose-picked curated perfumes are also available at Loja das Meias stores in Lisbon and Cascais (and soon in Porto). You can become an exclusive member here to receive in first hand news, samples and event invitations, such as their masterclasses. And just like a high-level wine tasting, get ready to awake all of your senses, including the hidden ones.

SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
Learning around the Cuco @ TrenDestination

Quick 7 (of the innumerous) secrets shared on their masterclasses:

  • Our olfactory system corresponds to 1% of our DNA
  • There are 3 fragrance notes of a perfume: top (first impression), middle (heart of the fragrance) & base (lasting impression)
  • Body temperature creates different fragrance levels on the skin
  • The panty dropper perfumes always include spices
  • Natural molecules (highly appreciated for their sophistication) vs. artificial molecules (in the majority of commercial perfumes)
  • Curious ingredients such as China ink with papyrus, black tea with bergamot, haxixe or dry rum can be found in some perfumes
  • Rose is the holy queen of perfumery
SOTD club masterclass Loja das Meias @@ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

Did you know that some of these perfumes carry inspirational stories with them?

Tabac Blond | A feminist move

A homage to women’s liberation, this subtly ambiguous and provocative fragrance combines leathery top notes usually found in men’s fragrances, tobacco leaves and an eternally feminine floral bouquet including vanilla. The great perfumer and the founder of the house of Caron, Ernest Daltroff,  created Tabac Blond in 1919. It was a fragrance for women who smoked cigarettes, since a cigarette was, at that time, the perfect chic symbol of freedom of a Parisian woman. This is a dry perfume with an intense note of smoke. The perfume notes are: leather, carnation, lime blossom, iris, vetiver, ylang-ylang, cedar, patchouli, vanilla, ambergris, musk.

Tabac blonde @ Caron

Eight & Bob | The scent of a President

The story of this perfume is a film script and the name of Eight & Bob reveals everything about it and human nature itself: Albert Fouquet, a Parisian aristocrat, created this perfume for himself. He never wanted to market it. John F. Kennedy met him in 1937 at the French Riviera, and was given some samples. When JFK returned to the US, the perfume became a star and he asked Albert for a sample and “if your production allows for it, another one for Bob.” On the fougère mood, the secret green plant from Chile, and the combination of the freshness of the bergamot and lemon on the top and some dried fruits and sandal and guaiac wood, this base is the definition of a grand homme.


Putain des Palaces | One night stay

The reconstitution of the powdery smells of the King’s courts on a very feminine and sexy perfume. Some roses, lipstick and heavy take on leathery musk. This is the set: 7 am. Powdery roses in the air. I hate the guy who is sleeping in my bed. “Baby, it’s time to leave!”

Putain des Palaces perfume

And now that you’ve read: would you be ready to discover what’s behind your scent?


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7 lucky & symbolic Chinese New Year dishes | Rooster 2017

The Chinese New Year begins on the first New Moon of the year, which is this January 28th. Being the Fire Rooster Year, the symbol itself of practical organization and calculated risks, this year also brings a higher level of clarity and intuition (#TrustYourGut).

But food symbology is the cornerstone of the celebrations. You might say you love Chinese food but you truly know what you should eat during these festivities in order to bring you luck and prosperity? Cut the crap (and crepes) and order the following 7 dishes if you want to celebrate in grand style this New Chinese Year 2017 and make good wishes! The best Chinese restaurants where you can try these delicacies are: Macau Dim Sim (Oeiras and Lisbon), Dim Sum, Estoril Mandarim, Dinastia Tang, The Old HouseMr. Lu, Grande Palácio Hong Kong.

“You might say you love Chinese food but you truly know what you should eat during these festivities in order to bring you luck and prosperity?”

#1. Dumplings, Jiaozi | Wealth and fortune

This is a very popular dish in Northern China. Often shaped to look like boat-shaped silver ingots, an ancient Chinese currency, are symbolic of prosperity and wealth due to their auspicious shape. Usually vegetables and pork-filled, they should be eaten only with soy sauce and garlic. More pleats, the better as they’re a strong sign of prosperity.

Chinese New Year 2017 - Rooster Year - Chinese Food (2) @ TrenDestination
@ Omnivore’s cookbook

#2. Long noodles, Mian tiao | Health & longevity

They’re the most known staple in Chinese cuisine but these longer-than-usual noodles should be served uncut since the long size means longevity, either stir fried or in a broth. It’s forbidden breaking them as it’s equivalent to cutting one’s life.

Chinese New Year 2017 - Rooster Year - Chinese Food (3) @ TrenDestination

#3. Whole chicken or duck, Jirou & Ya | Family unity, fidelity and good marriage

They should be served both with their feet and head attached due to its association with completeness and family unit. They go through a 3 hour cooking process until the skin is like thin paper.

#4. Whole fish, Yu | Wealth and fortune

The word fish in Chinese sounds like abundance and eating it means bringing fortune in the coming year. The head and tail must be intact as it represents a good beginning and ending for the coming year. It’s crucial to eat the fish in a certain way: it should be the last dish of the meal and there should be some left over, since it represents surplus for the year.

Chinese New Year 2017 - Rooster Year - Chinese Food (8) @ TrenDestination
@ The Wok of Life

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#5. Glutinous rice cake, Nian gao | Prosperity

This is the official New Year’s cake. The name Nian gao is related to the phrase nian nian gao sheng which means “increasing prosperity year after year”. This dish helps the eater climb the social ladder. Hence, rice is one of the 12 symbols of sovereignty.

Chinese New Year 2017 - Rooster Year - Chinese Food (7) @ TrenDestination
@ The Woks of Life

#6. Sweet rice balls, Tangyuan | Family reunion and togetherness

This is one of my favorite desserts all time! The roundness of the rice balls signifies a complete circle of harmony and unity within the family. They are served in a soup and traditional fillings include sesame paste (fave), red bean or peanuts.

Chinese New Year 2017 - Rooster Year - Chinese Food (4) @ TrenDestination
@ China Tours & Holidays

#7. Mandarin oranges and tangerines, Juzi | Luck and success

Their names sound like good luck and gold in Mandarin. You won’t order them from the menu since they’re usually offered after your meal for free. No need to ask for them. It’s a great sign when they come with the stems and leaves as they represent longevity. You shouldn’t eat them in fours as it’s associated with death.

Chinese New Year 2017 - Rooster Year - Chinese Food (1) @ TrenDestination

Keep in mind (!)

On a last note, sweet food is mandatory in the wishing of a luscious life in next year. The number of dishes is also relevant: always 6, 8 or 10, which means smooth, getting prosperous and perfect, respectively. Whatever you do during these festivities, avoid eating these 2 things: tofu (white color related to bad fortune and death) and porridge (associated to poverty). Color is often symbolic and red, orange, green or gold foods are considered particularly auspicious.

  • White – bad luck, death, loss, mourning
  • Red – happiness, purity, celebration, health, luck
  • Orange – happiness, luck
  • Gold or yellow – happiness, prosperity
  • Green – luck, harmony

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Best wishes for 2017 in funny memes

If there was one thing in 2016 that just got better and better, it was: memes. They’re in the pole position along with non-stop emojis’ messaging, viral hashtags and crazy Snapchat filters. So, let’s finish this amazing year of 2016 with some good laughs. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t take ourselves too serious, right? Here it goes TrenDestination wishes for this amazing 2017 year all expressed in memes. After all, #MemorableExperiencesDontComeWithaAPriceTag.

Make proper feasible wishes this time #RidingAPinkUnicorn
Leave your cave once in a while.
Don’t think twice.
Could be worse.
Evil is always funnier #EmbraceYourInnerKermitDevil
Find your engagement material #CopyCat
Travel all you can #RisingAboveBullshit
Even if you just crossed the border #TheRealTourist
Keeping it real #AllDayEveryday
Isn’t it?
Feeling old already #AgeIsaStateofMind
Get you a man who can do all 4 #BottomsUp

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10 unique Christmas gifts based on personality

Everyone likes to receive gifts and the ones saying they don’t, are lying.  And the only thing you need to do in order to convert and surprise a gift hater is: nail it. So, go through the list below and find 10 different Christmas gifts based on personality, individual taste and uniqueness. There’s at least one for everyone.

#1. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon book (from 16,95€)

This book is definitely a true hidden yet mandatory gem! It’s pocket sized, extremely easy to read (in english) and both locals and visitors should have it as it includes some of the most off-the-beaten info about Lisbon you won’t even imagined. Every main European capital has a special edition. Perfect for: Your annoying FOMO friend.

The 500 hidden secrets of Lisbon by Miguel Júdice
@ TrenDestination

#2. Beard Starter’s Kit (from 16,95€)

Barba Brada, known as the beard elixir brand, has this kit including 4 samples of each of the aromas from their beard oil collection. This way you don’t risk not choosing the right fragrance. Each mini bottle has 5 ml – completely travel size – all made of natural oils, giving a natural lush look to the beard. Perfect for: Your ultimate hipster dandy friend.

Beard Starter's Kit by Barba Brada
@ Barba Brada

#3. Beard Wipes – 12 Pack (from 11,00€)

This is definitely a quirky and unforgettable gift, made to wipe all those crumbs after a nice piece of cake (#sofreshsocleanclean). They come individually packed which make them perfect for any travel. Perfect for: That friend looking like Robin Williams in Jumanji.

Bear Wipes by Barba Brada
@ Barba Brada

#4. Sunrise Succulent Terrarium Necklace (from 8,34€)

Sunrise is a native from South Africa. Her rosette like leaves contains beautiful pink to purple color tones and green hues, characterized by pointed thick fleshy leaves. There’s no girl who won’t find this necklace so cute that they can’t avoid jumping on your neck and cover you with kisses – if that’s your intention. Yeah, a bit lame I know, but shouldn’t be the holiday season like that anyway? Perfect for: Girlfriend material sweetheart.

Sunrise Succulent Live Terrarium Necklace Girlfriend Gift Miniature Terrarium
@ Etsy

#5. Cork LED light (from 13,90€)

Have you ever thought of re-using that Vodka bottle for an extra purpose other than shots (#BottomsUp)? This USB rechargeable LED light made of cork is the ultimate gift to do it. The light is always white which makes it great for colored bottles. Perfect for: The techie heavy drinker colleague.

LED cork light USB rechargeable @ Bairro Arte
@ Bairro Arte

#6. Beach Please slippers (from 24,90€)

What better way of warming up Christmas season if not introducing summer straight away? These hipster cool slippers are part of TheWhiteBrand summer collection – which is pretty much sold out. They’re wonderfully comfy and stylish to travel with. There’s an on-going promotion offering you the 6th pair upon buying 5 units. Perfect for: Your winter-season-hater & one-day-I’m-gonna-quit-my-job-and-travel-the-world sister.

Beach Please slippers sandals @ The White brand
@ The White Brand
New collection @ The White Brand

#7. Water A5 memobottle 750 ml (from 24,50€)

It has the shape of a paper sheet, with an incredible minimalist, functional and elegant design to perfectly fit in any handbag, folder or laptop case. There’s a smaller version of 375ml. It already won several prizes for its innovative design. Perfect for: Your eco-chic aunt.

Water A5 Memobottle
@ Memobottle

#8. Round Wood Cutting Board (from 4,00€)

I’m pretty sure you heard about these boards before. They became widely known through Jamie Oliver. Gradirripas, the company behind it, creates different shapes, including exclusive types of boards upon request. The rounded-shape board is the most peculiar one and looks amazing on a table. Perfect for: Your obsessed gourmet cousin.

Gradirripas tábua redonda madeira Jamie Oliver
@ Gradirripas

#9. Jacarandá hand cream 50 ml (from 8,90€) 

Benamôr is a totally made in Portugal brand since 1925, all about natural ingredients and charming vintage tubes. This Jacarandá hand cream is their most Lisbon scent as it’s inspired in the trees that cover the entire city with lilac petals during Spring time, containing aloe vera and shea butter too. Perfect for: That Edward Scissorhands  friend.

Jacarandá hand cream_soap @ Benamôr 1925 A Vida Portuguesa
@ Benamôr

#10. Blandy’s Madeira 10 Year Bual (25,50€)

Forget about Port wine for a minute, ok? According to Forbes 12 Best Wines of 2016 list, this 10 Year Bual is one of the best-kept secrets of the wine world, Madeira, perfect for desserts. It’s rich and sweet with nutty and spicy notes. Perfect for: Your posh wine connoisseur uncle.

Blandys 10 years bual Madeira wine 500 ml
@ Prestige Wines Portugal

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10 traditional and modern experiences Lisbon is about

Among all the geekyness and entrepreneurship hustle happening in Lisbon these next days, may the Websummiters have a minute to breath and discover what the city is truly about. And since the event will go around what’s next and what’s dead let’s keep it short and sweet: here is the mandatory list of 10 traditional and modern experiences everyone should have in Lisbon, either if you’re a 1 day visitor or a local for 30 years. No Pastel de Nata and 28 tram rides allowed here this time. Let true Lisbon welcome you.

Miradouro Viewpoint Santa Luzia Alfama Lisbon @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#1. Traditional: Alvalade Market | Modern: Riverside run

Only for the healthy early-birds. Right now, the sunrise is around 7:00 and some say that’s even better than a sunset. Forget about all the overrated markets you’ve been told about. Alvalade Market is genuinely Portuguese with real farmer freshness, capable of waking up all your senses at once. You must hit it right at 7:00 to get the most of it. Outdoor wise, getting out of bed for a run along Tagus River might be one of those enlightening life experiences you’ll never forget. Put your snickers on and enjoy the Lisbon’s calmness.

Mercado de Alvalade Norte
Alvalade Market @

#2. Traditional: Marqueses de Fronteira Palace | Modern: MAAT

Interested in the noble Portuguese history? Fronteira Palace is all about impressive gardens, dreamy fountains and one of the world’s richest tile work, since 1640. From Monday to Saturday, there are always two guided visits at 11:00 and 12:00. MAAT stands for Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and is the new baby in town since it just opened this October and is considered outstanding due to its avant-garde and disruptive concept.

@ Green Trekker
MAAT EDP Lisbon @ Lisbon Lux
@ Lisbon Lux

#3. Traditional: Quiosque de Refresco | Modern: TOPO

Up for a drink and some chilling time? Head to a Quiosque de Refresco spread across the downtown. They’re the charming recovered ensign of a Portuguese vintage past, selling signature refreshments like Capilé or Blackcurrant, all made of Portuguese syrups with natural ingredients, and others like Perfumed milk, Mazagran or Horchata. On the other hand, there’s TOPO. Not one but two: in Chiado and Martim Moniz areas. Few words: breathtaking views and signature cocktails – need more? Read here.

Quiosque de Refresco Jardim do Príncipe Real
Quiosque de Refresco at Príncipe Real Garden @ Quiosque de Refresco
TOPO Martim Moniz @ TrenDestination
TOPO Martim Moniz @ TrenDestination

#4. Traditional: Lisbon’s flea market | Modern: LX Factory

Lisbon’s flea market, literally translated as Thieves market happens every Tuesday and Saturday, from dawn to dusk. Expect to find all type of antique and crafts. Practice your bargaining skills though. LX Factory is Lisbon’s creative hub in which art, fashion, food, design and advertising got together in perfect harmony. There’s a great outdoor market every Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Feira da Ladra Lisboa Flea Thieves Market Lisbon
Lisbon’s flea market @
Lx Factory Lisbon @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#5. Traditional: Lisbon ferry boat | Modern: uberPOOL

There’s a very cheap (1,20€), fast (10 minutes) and cool way (mingle with the locals and enjoy the views) to cruise Tagus River by catching the ferry boat at Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas. Once there, have a seafood platter at Farol restaurant or enjoy the sunset from Ponto Final restaurant.  From November 4th to 13th, Uber is launching its carpool service called uberPOOL. It’s still a pilot test so get the chance to try it and enjoy 25% less than uberX.

Cais do Sodré rio tejo tagus cacilhas barco @ TrenDestination
Ferry boat to Cacilhas @ TrenDestination

#6. Traditional: A Vida Portuguesa | Modern: O Purista Barbière

These go for the ones who want some of Lisbon’s pampering. Shopping is included, right? Head to the gigantic A Vida Portuguesa shop at Intendente (not Chiado!) and you’ll get a sense of what authentic Portuguese memories are. O Purista Barbière is definitely a men’s place (women are more than welcomed though) since it puts together the joy of beer, a barber shop, snooker table and music – all in the same place (#WhatElse).

@ A Vida Portuguesa
O Purista Barbière Lisboa Convida
O Purista Barbière @ Lisboa Convida

#7. Traditional: Carmo Ruins | Modern: Amoreiras 360º View

Carmo Convent is the dramatic roofless symbol of 1755 earthquake which almost stopped Lisbon of hosting the Web Summit (#ThankYouMarquisofPombal). Go get impressed with the eerie mummies inside. Amoreiras 360º Panoramic View – the name says it all – covers Lisbon’s greatness for you. The jaw-dropping views will make you understand why is the city so perfect in its own uniqueness.

Ruínas e Convento do Carmo Lisbon @ TrenDestination
Carmo Ruins Lisbon
Amoreiras 360º view @ Observador

#8. Traditional: Sol e Pesca | Modern: Queijaria

Canned fish is a true vintage delicacy in Lisbon, very much appreciated by the locals. At Sol e Pesca you’ll find different rods and hooks but also varied tin cans with all types of fish, served with bread. Queijaria is two years’ old now but got artisanal cheeses from all over the world – recommended a Portuguese cheese tasting with local wines.

Queijaria Cheese Shop Bar Chiado Lisbon
@ Queijaria Chiado

#9. Traditional: A Merendeira + Modern: Palácio Chiado 

This is a place where at some point, either as a local or a visitor, you’ll hear about and probably end up after a heavy night out. It’s not fancy, it’s Portuguese fast yet comfort food served until 06:00 – straight out of the oven chorizo bread with a kale and chorizo soup. On a modern note, despite its recent opening this April, Palácio Chiado dates from the XVIII century. There you’ll get a posh hint of Portuguese gastronomy and entertainment blend (more here).

Palácio Chiado Lisbon @ TrenDestination
Palácio Chiado @ TrenDestination

#10. Traditional: Fado house | Modern: Casa Independente

Forget about having a delicious meal while listening to Fado. It’s a myth! The food is usually very expensive, bland and you shouldn’t be eating when the musicians are playing anyway. Fado music must be felt, silently. My suggestion is to go after dinner and have drinks. Lisbon has always been a cultural melting pot resulting in unique music blends. Casa Independente stands for that and much more. They host artistic and music projects with a high respect for the past with a cosmopolitan embrace.

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Everything you can’t miss at Web Summit Lisbon 2016

Well, until 1 minute ago the numbers were:

50,000 attendees / 7,000 CEOs / 65% Senior Management / 15,000 Companies / 663 Speakers / 165 Countries

Yes, I’m talking about the “biggest event of its kind in Europe”, according to CNBC. That giant monster that pops up in every conversation for the last months when you talk about Lisbon. Web Summit will bring one of the most interesting networking business & learning pools Lisbon ever had. Opinion makers, savyy entrepreneurs, open minded investors, inspirational leaders, tech addicts, industry experts, lab geeks, one-a-kind speakers, digital nomads, curious trend-setters, avid learners, among others, will get together next week, from 7th – 10th November. Bear in mind that these are the core conference days taking place at MEO Arena, however, there will be a zillion of other meetups and get togethers happening simultaneously. Below you can find the main important side events where truly magic happens (#hardcorenetworking) because it’s when the sun goes down that real deals are closed:

Surf SummitIt will take place at Ericeira – the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe – on the 5th and 6th. Prices start at 298,00€ and you’ll have access to panel discussions with some of the world’s best surfers, accommodation, transportation, meals and activities (surfing, mountain biking and stand-up paddleboarding). However, is already sold out but you can apply to the waiting list here.

Surf Summit @ Web Summit Lisbon 2016 (TrenDestination)

Community Meetups – These casual free meetups happen on the 8th and 9th from 18:00 to 21:00, at several bars in Cais do Sodré, Chiado and Bairro Alto. For the majority of them there are already waiting lists but try to  enroll yourself up. Since there are plenty to choose from, my advice is to go for the bar-hopping strategy in case you have broad interests, instead of attending only one meetup.

Roundtables – More than 70 of top speakers will host free Roundtables sessions to present and discuss complex topics. They’re available on the 3 days of the summit but note that places at each Roundtable session are available on a first come first served basis, so if you didn’t book your spot so far, chances are, you’re running late now but give it a try. The organization released spaces yesterday for 17 sessions but they got immediately full.

Cultural Crawls – You get to explore the wonders of Lisbon, either through food, music or an architectural tour. They take place every night from 20:00 to 21:30 in the city centre of Lisbon. Again, last time I checked today, they were fully booked, (#nowonder).

Night Summit – You weren’t thinking of sleeping, were you? Web Summit doesn’t end at 17:00 – says the organization. Attendees, speakers, startups, big companies and investors will get the opportunity to network while discovering Lisbon’s nightlife, passing by Bairro Alto or the famous Pink Street at Cais do Sodré. You can’t get any better than this. See you every night at 20:00.

Night Summit @ Web Summit Lisbon 2016 (TrenDestination)

Check here to know more about other pop-up events and parties. There are also tons of social media groups that you can join if you already have your ticket.

Now, talking about the conferences, if your interests go mainly around  digital trends and lifestyle, online and social media, creative content, branding and marketing, below you’ll find a wrap-up list of which  talks, day by day, minute by minute, you should be attending. Note that some of them might overlap so chose wisely.

November 8th

09:45 to 10:20 | Ten years from nowby Mike Schroepfer (CTO, Facebook) @ Centre Stage

10:55 to 11:20 | Finding you calling in the digital economy by Mathieu Nebra (Co-Founder, OpenClassrooms), Leila Janah (Founder & CEO, Sama & LXMI) and Carlos Moedas (European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, European Union – Commission) @ Future Societies

11:20 to 11:40 | Every country will be digital by John Chambers (Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems) and Izabella Kaminska (Alphaville Blogger, Financial Times) @ Centre Stage

12:00 to 12:20 | Appointment to view – The Future of Media, Entertainment & Investing by David Bonderman (Founding Partner & Chairman, TPG), Rick Hess (Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Evolution Media Partners) and Mark Britt (Co-Founder & Group CEO, iflix) @ Centre Stage

12:40 to 13:05 | Will everything you know about advertising soon be irrelevant by Maurice Levy (Chairman & CEO, Publicis Groupe), Gary Briggs (CMO, Facebook) and Tom Dotan (Reporter, The Information) @ Centre Stage

13:40 to 14:05 | A single market: Facts and fiction by Andrus Ansip (Vice-President, Digital Single Market, European Commission), Gerard Grech (CEO, Tech City UK), Tom Nuttall (Charlemagne Columnist, The Economist) @ Future Societies

14:10 to 14:40 | Think like a startup – it’s how marketers will succeed by Pete Blackshaw (CDO, Nestlé) and Reggie Bradford (SVP, Oracle) @ PandaConf

14:50 to 15:15 | Europe’s tech scene – second best? by Gillian Tans (President & CEO,, Nicolas Brusson (Co-Founder & CEO, BlaBlaCar), Carlos Moedas (European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, European Union – Commission), José Neves (Founder & CEO, Farfetch) and Mike Butcher (Editor, TechCrunch) @ Centre Stage   

15:25 to 15:50 | When it comes to media making money … by Div Turakhia (Founder & CEO,, Tom Davis (CMO, Forbes), Karin Klein (Founding Partner, Bloomberg Beta) and James Cooper (Editor, Adweek) @ PandaConf

15:50 to 16:15 | The one constant in the marketing mix by Matthew Freud (Founder & Chairman, freuds) and Brooke Hammerling (Founder, Brew PR) @ PandaConf

16:10 to 16:25 | Emojis: why you love them by Ba Blackstock (Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director, Bitmoji) @ Future Societies

November 9th

10:45 to 11:15 | Food for thought by William Shu (CEO, Deliveroo) and Martin Mignot (Partner, Index Ventures) @ PandaConf

11:35 to 12:00 | Millennials to their own devices by Shane Snow
(Co-Founder, Contently), Jonathan Hunt (Global VP, Marketing and Communications, Vox Media) and James Cooper (Editor, Adweek) @ PandaConf

12:00 to 12:20 | Living, breathing, storytelling by Americo Silva (Head of Social Media, Shell), Peter Hamilton (CEO, TUNE) and George Slefo (Tech Reporter, Ad Age) @ PandaConf

12:20 to 12:40 | You’re welcome: Marketing for the masses by Breon Corcoran (CEO, Paddy Power Betfair) and Simon Kuper (Columnist, The Financial Times) @ PandaConf

12:40 to 13:05 | Brand discovery online by Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt), Diane Yu (Co-Founder & CTO, Freewheel), Scott Heimes (Chief Marketing Officer, SendGrid ) and Martin Swant (Writer, Adweek) @ PandaConf

13:00 to 13:20 | Social media versus The Brand by Justin Smith (CEO, Bloomberg Media) and James Cooper (Editor, Adweek) @ Content Makers

13:50 to 14:20 | Customer experience in the Millennial Age by Ryan Smith (CEO, Qualtrics), Jared Smith (Co-Founder, Qualtrics) and Rob Pegoraro (Contributor, Yahoo Finance/USA Today) @ Saas Monster

14:10 to 14:35 | A world of alternatives: Media, identity and diversity by Ian Daniel (Co-Host/Executive Producer, Gaycation), Osric Chau (Actor, Supernatural), Reni Eddo-lodge (Author & Journalist, Freelance) and ZingTsjeng (Editor at Broadly, VICE Media LLC) @ Future Societies

14:30 to 14:55 | How content drives marketing by Simon Sproule (Chief Marketing Officer, Aston Martin), Rene Rechtman (President, Maker Studios), Constantin Eis (Co-Founder, Casper Sleep GmbH) and Jeremy Goldman (Founder, Firebrand Group) @ PandaConf

15:05 to 15:30 | Tale as old as real-time by David Kogan (Executive Director, Magnum Photos), Cait O’Riordan (CPIO, Financial Times), Rahul Chopra (CEO, Storyful) and Joy Junes (Vice President, Global Products, Associated Press) @ Content Makers

15:50 to 16:10 | Digital media: the end of the great leaps forward? by Michael Tamblyn (President & CEO, Kobo Rakuten), Maggie Murphy (Editorial Director, Texture), Ajay Chowdhury (‎Partner and Managing Director, BCG Digital Ventures) and Lara Setrakian (Co-Founder, News Deeply) @ Content Makers

16:15 to 16:35 | The legacy of social media by Jake Paul (Social Star/Entrepreneur/Actor, TeamDom) and Alfie Deyes (YouTube Star, Pointless Blog) @ Centre Stage

16:35 to 17:05 | Love & tech in the time of Tinder by Sean Rad (Co-Founder & CEO, Tinder) and Farrah Storr (Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan UK) @ Centre Stage

November 10th

10:50 to 11:25 | The new festival experience by Marian Goodell (Founding Board Member & CEO, Burning Man Project), Jonathan Mayers (Co-Founder, Superfly) and Kieran Yates (Senior Music Editor, Dazed) @ MusicNotes

11:20 to 11:40 | Human First in a Digital World by Suzanne Powers (McCann Worldgroup) and Sean MacDonald (McCann Worldgroup) @ PandaConf

11:40 to 11:55 | The world according to Forbes by Mike Perlis (President/CEO, Forbes) and James Cooper (Editor, Adweek) @ Content Makers

12:05 to 12:25 | PITCH Perfect by Fred Destin (Partner, Accel), Payal Kadakia (Founder, ClassPass), Sarah Leary (Co-Founder & Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Nextdoor) and Jim Edwards (Founder/Editor in Chief, Business Insider UK) @ Centre Stage

12:35 to 12:50 | The next cult of personality brand by Adam Richman (Presenter, Secret Eats with Adam Richman) @ Content Makers

13:10 to 13:25 | Your digital media empire, your way by Miroslava Duma (Founder, Buro 24/7) @ Content Makers

13:25 to 13:50 | Social media dilute your brand? by Blaise Zerega (Editor in Chief, VentureBeat), Gregory Gittrich (Chief Content Officer, Mashable) and Tom Dotan (Reporter, The Information) @ Content Makers

14:10 to 14:35 | Marketing in 2017 by Ruzwana Bashir (Founder & CEO, Peek), WinstonBinch (Chief Digital Officer, Deutsch North America, Deutsch Inc.), Justin McLeod (CEO, Hinge), Kim Salzer (CMO, Hyperloop One) and George Slefo (Tech Reporter, Ad Age) @ PandaConf

14:20 to 14:35 | Comedy and creativity by Joe Wade (Managing Director, Don’t Panic London) @ Content Makers

14:35 to 14:50 | Extra Sense by Norm Johnston (Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare) @ PandaConf

15:10 to 15:35 | Harnessing the power of social by Maria Raga (CEO, Depop), Doina Ciobanu (Founder, The Golden Diamonds) and Scarlett Conlon (News Editor, Vogue) @ Modum

15:25 to 15:45 | Leadership: You can’t do it all by Theresia Gouw (Founding Partner, Aspect Ventures), Taavi Rõivas (Prime Minister, Estonia), Julia Hartz (Co-Founder & CEO, Eventbrite) @ Centre Stage

15:50 to 16:15 | Storytelling with a purpose by Avril Furness (Director/VR Filmmaker, Black Dog Films), Joe Wade (Managing Director, Don’t Panic London), Liam Harrington (Co-Founder, Unilad), Jess Crombie (Director of Creative Content, Save The Children) and Serena Chaudry (TV News Producer, Reuters Video News) @ Future Societies

16:05 to 16:25 | The difference between a crowd and a community by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Actor & Founder, HitRECord) @ Centre Stage

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5 top lunch menus up to 15,00€ in downtown Lisbon

8 scary Halloween experiences you must have in Portugal

It’s Halloween season! Whatever that means in Portugal. Dia das Bruxas – how it’s called in Portuguese – officially sets the end of summer and the beginning of a new harvest season, being mainly celebrated in North America and North Europe. It was brought from the Irish immigrants in the XIX century to the US and not the opposite, as everyone believes. It just got over commercialized in the US. The name Halloween is linked with the night from the 31st October to the 1st November when the hallow evening happens.

In Portugal, it’s kind of a young tradition celebrate it but we’ve been embracing it. In general, it tends to happen in the form of clubbing custom parties, missing the whole point of it: shit your pants. That’s why I’ve decided to add a sprinkle of national portuguese horror and list the scariest experiences throughout the country you shouldn’t miss – big shoutout to the brave doing them exactly on the 31st (!). As you know, TrenDestination is all about THE experience but the ones below are the real trick or treat for horror, creepy, surreal and out of this world experience addicts (#guilty). So, grow some balls and read this alone. It will get spooky though …

#1. Haunted House Project

Ok, keeping it 100%: I shit myself with this (#NoShame). This is THE ultimate horror experience to be done! It’s called the Haunted House Project, happening inside a former palace in Sintra. Their statement is clear: Fear is psychological. BUT faints are real as they already happened (not me, although I was about to!). They have the longest waiting list you can imagine so you have to be quick and smart when doing a reservation only by email here. I did mine at 00:01 when they opened the booking season! Don’t need to say that Halloween day is fully booked.

#2. Prazeres cemetery

Originally constructed in 1833, Prazeres Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Lisbon. Its exquisite architecture including the largest pyramid-shaped tomb in Europe and some of the most exotic graves along with its esoteric and occultist aura makes it definitely worth to visit. Creepy fact? The vast majority of the tombs have windows. It’s open everyday from 9:00am to 5:00pm with free access.

Prazeres cemetery

#3. Águas Livres Aqueduct

The Águas Livres Aqueduct has been supplying the town of Lisbon since 1748 and it was also where the famous Lisbon serial-killer Diogo Alves used to hide and kill his victims, robbing and pushing them at night from the highest point of the aqueduct with 65 metres height. He killed a total of 76 people in 3 years. In 1840, he was sentenced to death by hanging. The aqueduct is nowadays deactivated but open to visits and each ticket costs 3,00€.

@ Meetup

#4. Chapel of Bones

This apparent small and simple chapel built in Gothic style, on the right of Saint Francis church in Évora, is home resting place of hundreds of cadavers. Pretty much all covered with more than 5000 skulls and bones, it has a ghostly atmosphere. To go inside, one must pass through a door with the following message written: We bones, are here, waiting for yours. In the ceiling, painted death scenes are together with Latin phrases such as I leave, but I don’t die and The day that I die is better than the day that I was born. Bye Catacombs of Paris.

Chapel of Bones @ Lisbon Shopping Destination
Chapel of Bones @ Lisbon Shopping Destination

#5. Coisa Ruim movie

This was considered the first Portuguese horror movie, launched in 2006. Frame this: tiny Portuguese village, local superstitions, countryside atmosphere and a constant eerie vibe. It’s an astounding way to immerse in the mysterious side of the Portuguese culture and its beliefs.

#6. Tivoli Palácio de Seteais Hotel

Room number 18. A former hotel guest committed suicide inside this room and this was what triggered the haunting fame of this incredible palace hotel in Sintra. Ask the older staff members and you might have some creepy answers (#SayWhat?!). But try to sleep and enjoy the night inside room 18 …! The single room rate on the 31st is 261,00€ here.

#7. Pousada da Serra da Estrela

This former sanatorium was built in 1936 with the aim of treating tuberculosis patients. It was recently refurbished and converted into the brand new Pousada da Serra da Estrela but its eerie past can’t be deleted just like that. Wanna test it? The single room rate on the 31st is 100,00€ here.

Pousada da Serra da Estrela @ Hotelandia

#8. 101 places to be afraid in Portugal book

Vanessa Fidalgo is the journalist who wrote this incredible spooky book, after the successful Stories of a Haunted Portugal book. It mentions unparalleled paranormal phenomena, creepy apparitions and haunting stories and tales. Can you imagine that there are 101 places (at least) throughout the entire country where you can get scared as f&%#? 101 might be the lucky number from now on (#WhoKnows).

101 lugares para ter medo em Portugal - Vanessa Fidalgo
@ Fnac

Don’t forget to share the post on Facebook and follow us on Instagram after reading it, otherwise, (at least) 7 years of bad luck and horrible sex are on your way. #nojoke

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Fall in love with the most charismatic season of the year

Double 9 | A f**?!%@# cocktail T-experience

Fall in love with the most charismatic season of the year

Fall, the season of all seasons

Today it’s the beginning of Fall season. My preferred one of all four of them. But there’s one fifth season that goes hand in hand with Fall which is Nostalgia as they fall in love everytime they see each other during this time of the year. It could be translated as Saudade in Portuguese but there’s no translation when chemistry speaks louder. They just walk side by side, silently, flowing, knowing they belong to each other with the firm certainty that every year they can just be one. Together again. Forever, in their own silent way. That’s Fall.

Fall season @ TrenDestination

Fall means endless foggy roads, a soft permanent sense of spices in the air, big rounded apples, a sprinkle of cinnamon, fluffy grandmother blankets, hot thick chocolate, just enough wind in your face for you to wake up, comfy vintage socks, Sunday roast and roasted chestnuts, long and charming scarfs, squirrels and nuts, walking on a stack of leaves and enjoy the cracking sound, more coffee and pies please, is becoming a pro in the art of cuddling, extra foam on your cappuccino, is all shades of brown and yellow, wooden board games, orange and mellow, where only caramel is the king, is also warmy scented candles and that little full bodied glass of wine, let it be fireplaces with pines, grapes and cheese, is carrying piles of books, staring into a black cat’s eye, wearing your oldest pair of boots.


Fall happens when you trust your gut and jump, with eyes wide open, when enough is enough with no but. It’s the season of big decisions. Where everything falls into place. No second doubts, is believing in what you promised during last year’s Fall, it’s owning your commitment with yourself first and stop fucking around. Is screaming I care in silence. Fall isn’t the loudest season though, that’s for Summer. Fall is whispering and secrets, tales and stories. And now, have you Fall in love? If not, no rush. It has just begun.

15 healthy & cheap products to buy in Martim Moniz asian supermarkets – Chapter I

I’m frequently asked to share which are the best products to choose in an asian supermarket since I buy all my asian stuff for at least half of the price (comparatively to a regular chain supermarket), avoiding to get ripped off and guaranteeing genuine authenticity (might sound weird coming from Asia, hun).

So first things come first, if you want the real deal – asian wise – you have to go roots style and find the source. Either products from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. There are 3 different asian supermarkets in Martim Moniz area where I divide my shopping list – I’ll put their names and more info in the end of the post. Whatever missing in one of them, the others will for sure list in. I’ll break the suggestions list into different chapter posts being this first one all about the best healthy products you should buy there. I’ll let you know also how I use each one of them but bear in mind there are at least 1000 other ways to use them so feel free to find the best suitable option for you – and share it with us by leaving a comment.

#1. Bio Green tea matcha (8,49€)

This is pure gold and it’s part of my morning routine as a tea to kick-off my day and my afternoons in the form of a matchinno – cappuccino version where the coffee is replaced for the tea. Sometimes I also add a tea spoon on my oatmeal pancakes or for cake baking. I’m seriously addicted to it and I recommend it to all the already green tea lovers, otherwise the flavor might be too strong for you.

#1. Bio Green tea matcha (8,49€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#2. Peanut paste sugar free (2,50€)

Yes, hon, it’s healthy when you choose the right one – 100% of peanuts like this one with no sugar or oil added – and if you don’t mix it with all the ice cream you can find in the freezer. However, eat it in the right measure! For me, suits me best after my RPM and HIIT workouts with an oatmeal pancake or if I’m really hungry, I also add a banana and some nuts with cinnamon on top.

#2. Peanut paste sugar free (2,50€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#3. Aloe Vera sugar free drink (0,99€)

Aloe Vera it’s the next big thing but just didn’t find its momentum in portuguese soil yet but it will. It has a very particular flavor which might not suit every taste but give it a try if you tend to like natural drinks. It’s claimed to be good for the immune system, skin in general and digestion, among others.

#3. Aloe Vera sugar free drink (0,99€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#4. 100% pure coconut oil (3,95€)

I started using it in Thailand for the first time and since then I’ve seriously fall in love. And I’m not one of those coconut oil psychos that use it everywhere BUT the truth is I don’t know any other multifunction product like this. I used mainly on my cookings as a substitute for oil and even olive oil, as a deep night hair mask and for dry skin, especially on winter. The jar option is the best one since it’s easier to withdraw the oil when is solid. However, if you choose to buy the bottle, just warm it up a bit on hot water before.

#4. 100% pure coconut oil (3,95€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#5. Rice paper (1,95€)

You’ll find a multitude of sizes! They look hard and are well-packed but there isn’t such delicate thing as a thin rice paper roll. They’re low in calories (circa 20 kcal per sheet) and require very little preparation. Just dip them in hot water and they’ll soften up easily. I usually cook them as a spring roll/wrap and put all kind of veggies inside. They’re a great option especially in the summer.

#5. Rice paper (1,95€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#6. Lemongrass (0,90€)

Its fragrance kills me (in a good way) and it’s universally recognizable. Lemongrass isn’t usually sold in normal supermarkets so the frozen option works perfectly for me as I only use in very specific dishes or for tea. You might be lucky and find its fresh version which of course has a punchier flavor.

#6. Lemongrass (0,90€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#7. Black sesame seeds (2,75€)

You won’t find them in any other supermarket type and I definitely preferred them in black (although I mix them with the white seeds) for their unique nuttier flavor and kick-ass presentation on the plate. I always toast them up a bit on a clean pan to release the flavor and fragrance as well as increase the crunchiness. Then, I use them to sprinkle on salads, yoghurts, soups, veggies, stir-fried or steamed dishes, pretty much everything. Google all the nutritious facts about these little gems – you’ll be surprised.

#7. Black sesame seeds (2,75€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#8. Sweet potato noodles (1,35€)

This specific type of noodles come from Korea and are made from sweet potato starch – totally gluten free – with a chewy and glassy texture. They’re an excellent option to rice noodles and for me work better on a broth or slightly stir-fried, otherwise, it gets too slippery for my taste.

#8. Sweet potato noodles (1,35€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#9. 100% natural Coconut water (1,89€)

There’s no other drink that makes me feel as refreshed and invigorated as coconut water. I always have one bottle on my fridge ready to drink – it’s kind of mandatory to drink it cold in order to reach its highest potential of freshness. Besides the simple one, I suggest as well the flavored with pomegranate and guava.

#9. 100% natural Coconut water (1,89€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#10. Tapioca pearls (1,20€)

I prefer the big tapioca pearls added on my tea latte but the small ones taste great on cold desserts combined with fruit as well. I usually don’t cook them at home because I got traumatized the first and only time I did – I thought it would be piece of cake so I’ve followed my cooking intuition and cooked it without any guideline whatsoever. Turned out too thick and gluey and for the dish I wanted to do the starch needed to be extracted. So, don’t pretend like me and search for the right way to prepare it.

#10. Tapioca pearls (1,20€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#11. Bok choy cabbage (1,50€)

They’re extremely common in China, in the same measure as our portuguese kale. Although it’s called cabbage, it doesn’t taste like it at all! I use both the leaves and the stems, again stir-fried (with a bit of garlic, ginger and sesame oil) or simply blanched. Note that the leaves and stalks have different textures needing distinct cooking times. The leaves are similar to spinach and the stems are crunchy and tend to be watery at the same time. It’s perfect as a side dish.

#11. Bok choy cabbage (1,50€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#12. Rice noodles (1,15€)

It’s incredibly cheap and definitely worth to buy. Its beyond simple cooking process (just soaked them in hot water with no need to be boiled) amazes me so it’s one of those unmissable staples in my pantry – love to eat them with a bunch of veggies or featured in a cold salad. You can find a multitude of sizes (thin/vermicelli, medium/linguine shape and wide/tagliatelle shape).

#12. Rice noodles (1,15€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#13. Dried rose bud & Dried jasmine flower (3,49€)

Love tea but don’t like the caffeine in it? Then, these two flower teas are for you. They’re extremely fragrant, look beautiful floating on hot water, caffeine-free and also perfect for a gift. I enjoy drinking it at night, after dinner, somehow it calms down the day fuss. Don’t confuse the dried jasmine flowers with jasmine tea – this last one has green tea added which contains caffeine.

#13. Dried rose bud & Dried jasmine flower (3,49€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#14. White and brown Shimeji mushrooms (1,40€)

I’m such a big fan of this type of mushrooms, especially the brown ones. You just need to remove the base and separate into small pieces. Again, they don’t need much cooking wise so the least you do, the better. I like them slightly stir-fried or simply steamed to keep all the juiciness and flavor, give me a hot rice bowl and some soy sauce and I’ll be happy. Keep it simple, it tastes better.

#14. White and brown Shimeji mushrooms (1,40€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

#15. Goji seeds (3,50€)

They act a superfood and antioxidant and I usually soak and rehydrate them in cold or hot water to release all the goodies, drink the liquid and finally eat the seeds as a snack or mixed on a salad/yoghurt. The flavor is at the same time sweet and sour which I love.

#15. Goji seeds (3,50€) @ TrenDestination
@ TrenDestination

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Supermarket Wan (biggest of all 3 with huge variety)                Address: Rua da Palma, 266, 1100-394 Lisboa

Supermarket Hua Ta Li (the owner speaks very well Portuguese in case you need some extra help and they have take away food)Address: Rua Fernandes da Fonseca, 16, 1100-238 Lisboa

Supermarket Amanhecer (a true blend of an asian supermarket with a portuguese twist – you’ll understand why) Address: Rua Palma 41, 1100 Lisboa

5 spots in Lisbon that will make you feel really cool

Do you know those type of places that somehow make you feel you’re the coolest and kind of special for knowing them? Yes, you know what I’m talking about – admit it. The type of places that you feel torn in sharing with everyone by posting endless photos or keeping them really hard to yourself as your little secret, so you can be the only one feeling insanely cool (guilty!). Just like when you enter in a club, listening to your favorite song – Is there someone cooler than me? Not. That’s why I’ve decided to share these 5 spots below that will make you feel unrealistically cool and inspire me everytime I visit them. Continue reading 5 spots in Lisbon that will make you feel really cool