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10 firecracker questions to… Add Fuel | The street tiler

Add Fuel (Diogo Machado, 1980) is a Portuguese visual artist and illustrator. Once a former graphic designer, his recent artistic practice has been focused on reinterpreting and playing with the language of traditional tile design, as well as with the Portuguese tin-glazed ceramic azulejo in particular.


Blending traditional and contemporary elements, his original vector-based designs and stencil-based street art reveal an impressive complexity and a masterful attention to detail. Based on a combination of tessellations which creates balance from symmetrical repetitions and visual illusion techniques such as trompe-l’œil, his multi-layered patterned compositions creates a poetic rhythm playing with the viewer’s perception and the possibilities of interpretation.

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One big important aspect for Diogo is to contextualize his interventions, so he usually re-draws patterns and/or uses original elements from each location, city or country. The core intent of his work (in it’s most primal essence) is to, by catching the attention of passersby, make them think about what lies beneath the beauty of our cities – commonly something that has always been there, the traditional culture. He has been showcasing his work in both solo and group exhibitions since 2006, as well as participating in some of the world’s leading urban art events.

Urban equipment (electricity box in Cascais) – Muraliza ’15
Street ceramics – MTV Portugal (Wishes campaign)

Diogo accepted the challenge to name his first thought when thinking about …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
DM: Anywhere close to the sea

#2. Restaurant with guts and character
DM: O Satélite at Graça and Pizzeria Il Siciliano in Cascais

#3. If you only had 30 minutes in Cascais
DM: A walk around the historic centre of Cascais ending at Marechal Carmona Park

#4. Porn dream food
DM: Seafood platter at Azenhas do Mar

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Cascais
DM: Eat a joaninha at Paulinha restaurant in Cascais

#6. Most used expression in Portuguese
DM: Sefaxavor and Obrigado

#7. Memorable hotel
DM: Sidi Driss (Star Wars Hotel)

#8. Portugal on a plate
DM: Codfish (any of the 1001 ways that can be cooked)

#9. Perfect spot to travel within Portugal
DM: Vicentine Coast

#10. Portugal is …
DM: This imperfect place I’m proud to call Home

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Sardinha collection by Bordallo Pinheiro | Portuguese Sardine 2016

10 firecracker questions to… Chef Kiko

“I believe that what we eat shows what we are, reflects our family, cultural, historical and religious heritage.”

Chef Kiko Martins was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1979 and has a strong portuguese family heritage. In 2004, studied in Paris at the famous Cordon Bleu and worked in some of the most known restaurants such as Ledoyen, AM Le Bistro, The Fat Duck or Eleven. Then in 2008, he leaves the kitchen for a while and went to Mozambique for an year of volunteering.

Chef Kiko - A Cevicheria O Asiático O Talho
Chef Kiko – A Cevicheria O Asiático O Talho

Later in 2010/11 traveled around the world, with his wife Maria, sitting at the table with families from 26 different countries. Afterwards, he published his first book Comer o Mundo (Eat the World).

Chef Kiko @ Comer o Mundo
Chef Kiko @ Eat the World project

By the beginning of 2013, opens his first restaurant in Lisbon called O Talho – a project born of the will to innovate and find new ways to taste meat. Later that year, he joined the Chefs’ Academy TV show.

O Talho Chef Kiko
Burger O Talho @

“The true magic of food should be the opportunity that gives us of sitting at the table sharing time with those we love.”

Before the end of 2014, he launches another restaurant named A Cevicheria – the name says it all. In 2015, travelled around Portugal through the TV program Cook Off – Duel of Flavors and discovers the country’s gastronomic charm and still found the time to launch his latest book Jantaradas. This October, Chef Kiko was on the spotlight again upon the opening of his most recent dinner place O Asiáticoget ready to travel from Nepal to Japan without leaving the table. Currently, he continues to be a travel leader at Nomad, and also devotes his time in sharing his passion for food to others.

A Cevicheria @ Chef Kiko
A Cevicheria @

“I believe that a meal isn’t measured by what we pay for it, but by the memory we keep from it.”

Chef Kiko accepted the challenge to name his first thought when thinking about …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
CK: Serra de Sintra

#2. Restaurant with guts and character
CK: A Cevicheria

#3. If you only had 30 minutes in Lisbon  
CK: Seated at the Bar das Imagens, watching the city’s views

#4. Porn dream food  
CK: Seafood at Ramiro restaurant

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Lisbon  
CK: Pastel de Nata in Belém or Manteigaria

#6. Who would you invite to seat next to you on a flight  
CK: My wife

#7. Memorable hotel  
CK: Any hotel in Bali

#8. Portugal on a plate
CK: Alheira (game portuguese sausage)

#9. Perfect spot to travel within Portugal
CK: Sagres

#10. Most used expression in Portuguese
CK: Divirtam-se!

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10 firecracker questions to… Chef José Avillez

10 firecracker questions to… Isa Sebastião | The Guinness World Record SUP star

If you’re into Guinness World Records and real champions, the name Isa Sebastião shouldn’t sound strange to you. She’s the wonder woman you should know and the only mermaid alive to grab about. She was responsible for putting Portugal on the (water) map. If Henry the Navigator was alive, I bet he would invited her to join the Discoveries crew. Here’s why …

Isa Sebastião is a professional athlete who started her career in basketball, winning several national competitions while representing the Portuguese team with 96 remarkable internationalizations. She stopped playing though at the age of 26 due to her growing passion for outdoor nature sports – especially water related when combined with a sense of adventure and challenge. Currently, she does SUP (Stand Up Paddle), kitesurf and became recently addicted to bicycle trips.

Isa Sebastião athlete @ TrenDestination
There’s no wave she can’t ride

The love for SUP started in 2009 and increased with the organization of Oeiras SUP Race and Ocean Spirit events. In 2013 and 2014, she was crowned national champion on Race and Sprint categories. In 2013, she participated in an international championship and won 7th place. On June 2015, she hit the world record for the longest non-stop distance by stand up paddleboard in 24 hours on flowing water (check here). Yes! 24 hours standing, paddling, non stop, 170 kilometers, on Sado river. Here’s the best part: she had the intention to complete 130 kilometers, surpassing the initial target by 40 kilometers.

Isa Sebastião athlete @ TrenDestination

In 2016, thrilled with the concept of cycling traveling, she completed the 650 kilometers of the portuguese Camino de Santiago trip in June and in August accomplished the 825 kilometers of The French Way. Obviously, who are into these monumental challenges doesn’t stop overnight and is always looking for what’s next, so Isa has already an upcoming challenge in 2017, being for now a total secret.

Isa accepted the challenge to name her first thought when thinking about …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
IS: Sintra

#2. Restaurant with guts and character
IS: Darwin’s Café

#3. If you only had 30 minutes in Lisbon
IS: The entire route of 28 B tram passing by the following neighborhoods: Martim Moniz, Graça, Alfama, Sé, Chiado and Campo de Ourique

#4. Porn dream food
IS: Snails

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Lisbon
IS: Ride Lavra funicular

#6. Influential leader to seat next to you on a flight?
IS: Florbela Espanca

#7. Memorable hotel
IS: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

#8. Portugal on a plate
IS: Alentejo bread and poached egg soup

#9. Perfect spot to travel within Portugal
IS: Minho river

#10. Most used expression in Portuguese
IS: Okidoki

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10 firecracker questions to… Tó Trips | Dead Combo

Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves are Dead Combo. Since 2003, they incarnate two characters which origin could have been from a comics book: an undertaker and a gangster. Their five albums released so far have been acclaimed in Portugal and abroad, having had their first Vol. 1 included in Charlie Gillet’s list of best world albums in 2005, Lusitânia Playboys awarded record of the decade and all of the albums awarded record of the year by several important publications in Portugal.

In 2012, the band was featured in the Lisbon episode of No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain, where their music was the soundtrack for the whole episode.

The three first albums of the band reached top 10 on the north-american iTunes charts for several weeks. A Bunch of Meninos, the band’s latest album with several both international and national known artists, reached number one in Portugal, and also on Spotify and iTunes.

They’ve been playing across the world and both Rumbero and Lisboa Mulata songs were recently included in the motion picture Focus by  Glenn Ficarra and John Requa featuring the actors Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Rodrigo Santoro.

Tó Trips was born in Lisbon in 1966 and started playing guitar at the age of 12 with an uncle’s guitar. Since then, he has joined several bands, until the release of his first solo classic guitar album Guitarra 66 in 2008, based on landscape memories and photos of all the trips with his wife, passing by the afro desert to the tropical pacific style. In 2015, is released the album Guitarra Makaka – Dances to an Unknown God where Tó evokes the languid sadness of the Cabo Verde warm, the blissful sophistication of Malian music or Lisbon that in an embarrassed joy, invites the Mediterranean for a summer ball (Rastilho Records). His last limited edition LP called Sunga (Primitive Music and Sounds from Makaka Island) with João Doce from Wraygunn band was released by March this year born from a force that only true friendship, freedom and creativity can lead.

Tó Trips (Dead Combo) @ TrenDestination

Tó Trips accepted the challenge to name his first thought when thinking about …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
TT: Bones beach at Caldeira do Fogo in São Miguel (Azores)

#2. Restaurant with gust and character
TT: Marítima de Xabregas

#3. The unmissable with 30 minutes in Lisbon
TT: Adamastor viewpoint

#4. Porn dream food
TT: Ramiro seafood restaurant

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Lisbon
TT: Fried codfish cake at Tasca O Trevo (Largo Camões)

#6. Who would you invite to seat next to you on a flight?
TT: My wife Raquel Castro

#7. Memorable and one-of-a-kind hotel
TT: Flatotel in New York City

#8. Portugal on a plate
TT: Grilled kid (goat), at A Manhosa restaurant in Viseu

#9. Favorite spot to travel within Portugal
TT: Carrapateira beach, at Southwest Alentejo / Vicentine Coast

#10. Most used expression in Portuguese
TT: Buga lá man!

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10 firecracker questions to… Fashion designer Katty Xiomara

Born in Venezuela, within a Portuguese family, Katty Xiomara moved to Portugal at age 18, settling in Porto. In 1997 ends the Fashion Design course at Citex (now Modatex), where she currently lectures.

Fills the fashion week calendar in Portugal since 1998. Earlier in her career reconciles the evolution of the brand with other projects in such diverse areas as children’s clothing, uniforms, theater, TV, music, dance and graphic arts. In 2000 designs the costumes for the adaptation of the play La Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri with Jean Paul Bucchieri choreography at Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. A year later registers the trade mark, but only ventures internationally in 2005.

@ View Fashion Book

Katty Xiomara’s name treading the catwalks of Paris on several occasions and participates regularly in International trade shows. In 2007 opens her shop atelier in an old townhouse located in the emblematic Rua da Boavista in Porto. Since September 2013 presents its collections at Fashion Week in New York.

@ View Fashion Book

In 2014 awarded the Silver Winner award by the IDA “International Design Awards” and in 2015 repeated this feat to bend, as well as a new Silver Winner was awarded an Honorable Mention.

The brand’s philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are aspirational yet accessible, elegant and timeless, sophisticated but playful, ultra-feminine with tailored silhouettes, meticulous structures and shapes, bold use of color and print; for women who are confident in themselves and their style choices, strong attitude, individual style with a romantic spirit.

Katty Xiomara @ TrenDestination

Katty accepted the challenge to name her first thought when thinking about …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration
KX: My home garden. But it’s not just a spot; is music, cinema, street art, traveling, etc.

#2. Restaurant with guts and character
KX: O Alpendre (Arraiolos – Alentejo)

#3. The unmissable with 30 minutes in Porto
KX: A walk from Praça da Liberdade, trough Torre dos Clérigos, Rua de Cedofeita to Casa da Música

#4. Porn dream food
KX: Dark chocolate

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Porto
KX: Metro trip from Bulhão station to Matosinhos

#6. Influential leader to seat next to you on a flight
KX: Iris Apfel or Diana Vreeland

#7. Memorable and one-of-a-kind hotel
KX: Porto River

#8. Portugal on a plate
KX: Fresh fish, Cozido à portuguesa (portuguese stew), Tripas à moda do Porto (Porto style tripe with white bean stew)

#9. Perfect spot to travel within Portugal
KX: From North to South, it’s a small country that it is easy to plan a two weeks’ trip

#10. Most used expression in Portuguese
KX: Nada é pequeno!

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10 firecracker questions to… Founder of Castelbel | Aquiles Araújo Barros

Castelbel is the internationally known Portuguese brand manufacturing extremely high-quality home and body scented products that combines outstanding design with exquisite fragrances and the finest formulations. The name Castelbel derived from the combination of the name of the small town where the company has always been located (Castêlo da Maia) and the portuguese word for beauty (beleza). The company started their activity at the end of 1999 and nowadays, besides the USA., the main markets are the UK, Spain, Germany and Australia.

@ TrenDestination

Aquiles Araújo Barros is the founder and director of Castelbel. He’s the realest combination of an entrepreneur with a visionary. Continue reading 10 firecracker questions to… Founder of Castelbel | Aquiles Araújo Barros

10 firecracker questions to… Vhils

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto (1987) has been carving a unique path in the international urban art scene. He started interacting with the urban environment under the name of Vhils as a graffti writer in the early 2000s. He was deeply infuenced by the transformations brought on by the intensive urban development Portugal underwent in the 1980s and 1990s.

In 2006 he joined the renowned Vera Cortês Art Agency, which led to several collective shows and his first solo exhibition in the same year. He moved to London in 2007 to study at the University of the Arts (Central St Martins College of Art and Design). In 2008 he took part in The Cans Festival, where his groundbreaking carving technique – which forms the basis of the “Scratching the Surface” project – was first presented to an international audience and was met with critical acclaim.

Vhils @ Cans Festival

He has been presenting his work in events, solo and collective shows and site-specifc interventions around the world ever since. An avid experimentalist, he has been developing his aesthetics of vandalism in a plurality of media – from stencil painting to wall carving, from pyrotechnic explosions to 3D modelling – expanding the boundaries of visual expression. Vhils currently works with Vera Cortês Art Agency (Portugal), Lazarides Gallery (UK), and Magda Danysz Gallery (France and China). He is represented in several public and private collections in various countries. Find more about his work.

Vhils accepted the challenge to name his first thought when thinking about … Continue reading 10 firecracker questions to… Vhils

10 firecracker questions to… Chef José Avillez

Considered one of the great Portuguese chefs, José Avillez stands out due to his enterprising spirit and his willingness to go one step further. At the moment he has 6 restaurants: Belcanto – distinguished with two Michelin stars and elected as one of the best 100 restaurants in the world, achieving 78th place in the prestigious “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List” in 2016 –, Cantinho do Avillez in Lisbon and in Oporto, Café Lisboa, Pizzaria Lisboa and Mini Bar, his first gourmet bar.

Chef José Avillez @ TrenDestination
The garden of the goose that laid the golden eggs | from Belcanto
@ Nuno Correia
Chef José Avillez @ TrenDestination
Globe Lime-Lemon | from Mini Bar
@ Paulo Barata

While offering different culinary experiences, all his restaurants express his enormous passion for cooking. José Avillez also heads the take-away service JA at Home. With several cookbooks published, his highly successful TV programme “JA em casa“ (“JA at the stove”) was broadcasted by SIC Mulher channel and had three seasons. “Combinações Improváveis” (“Improbabilicious”) is José Avillez’s new TV show, also on SIC Mulher channel, and “O Chef sou eu” (“I’m the Chef”) is his new morning show at Rádio Comercial.

Chef José Avillez @ TrenDestination
Chef José Avillez

Chef José Avillez accepted the challenge to name his first thought when thinking about … Continue reading 10 firecracker questions to… Chef José Avillez