Do you know those type of places that somehow make you feel you’re the coolest and kind of special for knowing them? Yes, you know what we’re talking about – admit it. The type of places that you feel torn in sharing with everyone by posting endless photos or keeping them really hard to yourself as your little secret, so you can be the only one feeling insanely cool (guilty!). Just like when you enter in a club, listening to your favorite song – Is there someone cooler than me? Not. That’s why we’ve decided to share these 5 spots below that will make you feel unrealistically cool.

#1. Montana Lisboa | Hello, am I in New York, Tokyo or Amsterdam?

A large portion of the coolness thermometer can be related to art, especially if you have an urban spirit. Montana Lisboa is an art nest mixing the core of an art gallery/atelier with a café. You can breathe the fresh free spirit of true cosmopolitan art there. It has the minimalist atmosphere with the perfect background music that we love. Even the colorful bagels or a simple espresso are cool. As a plus, they have wifi and a nice outdoor area. By only crossing the store (it has two separate entries) we can guarantee you will make your day.

Montana Lisboa Café
@ TrenDestination

#2. Evolution Lisboa Hotel | Tech-digital-urban savviness 

This 4 star hotel in Saldanha area is impossible to forget with its big hand outside as a state-of-the-art piece. That’s a statement right there. Evolution Lisboa Hotel is part of the Sana hotels’ chain and stands out from the crowd with innumerous details such as the independent check-in, 24 hours grab-and-go meals, DJ’s or urban art displays. It suits the techies, the 2030 travelers looking for autonomy, efficiency, digital print experiences as well as the after work party beasts – they host Parties with trendy music, every Thursdays and Fridays from 6:30PM (mind the business chic dress code).

Mezzanine Lounge @ Evolution Lisboa Hotel
@ Hotel facebook page

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#3. Artis Bar | The cool guys who understand about wines

It’s located in the heart of Bairro Alto and inside is actually pretty small but guess what – this is what make it somehow special. It rules on a first comes, first served basis which means that they don’t accept reservations and honestly it’s part of what makes it special – again. Expect some waiting time but grab a beer or glass of wine while keeping your coolness outside. The decor is vintagely portuguese, the staff is quite young with a deep wine knowledge adding to it an informal attitude. The menu goes around Iberian tapas. Just follow their recommendations – trust us – you won’t regret it.

Artis Bar
@ Artis facebook page

#4. Rio Maravilha | The funkiest place in town

The location speaks for itself. LX Factory is the official creative incubator of Lisbon. Our preferred time to visit Rio Maravilha is around 22h00 and it’s mandatory starting with one of their signature cocktails.  From the bartenders to the chefs, the industrial-meets-the-river unique view, the food combinations, even the bathroom is hot – everything here meets the realest badass profile. From Thursdays to Saturdays, they have Tropikos music parties, with free entrance.

Rio Maravilha
@ TrenDestination

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#5. Cinco Lounge | The cool cocktail cult 

Every cocktail addicted should recognize this name, if not – shame on you. Why on earth we didn’t mention them earlier? Shame on me. It’s located in Príncipe Real and it’s pretty easy to unnoticed it but once you get in, you’ll feel you entered in the mysterious dark cocktail kingdom club. The high-skilled team is responsible for half of the restaurants’ cocktails consultancy in the city. They have on their menu fresh seasonal cocktails with the type of memorable presentation one can ask for.

Cinco Lounge
@ Cinco Lounge facebook page