How many times have you wondered where to have a late dinner in Lisbon? 🍲 Either because you left work late, you’re planning a late night date or wanna go out afterwards without that big gap between eating and (heavily) drinking 🍽🍻😎. Besides being open until late, all these places have an unpretentious service and delicious food. Find below our 12 late night restaurant suggestions in Lisbon, in no particular order:

#1. Pitaria by José Avillez

The best of it: This place is all about Middle-Eastern flavours since the star dish is the Pita 🥙. We consider it kinda high-end street food as it belongs to the Michelin-starred Chef José Avillez ⭐, the food is totally grab-and-go style and insanely delicious and properly cooked with the best fresh ingredients. It has 7 different Pitas to choose from (including a vegetarian one 🍃). They can be served with fried potatoes with za’atar or fried sweet potatoes (or even without the bread – just as a salad 🥗). It’s a small place (for around 20 people seated) but extremely well located, with great cocktails too 🍸🍹 and full of positive and chilled vibes from the waiters.
Open until: 2:00AM on Friday/Saturday and 1:00AM on weekdays/Sunday
Location: In the heart of Lisbon downtown in Chiado

#2. Crispy Mafya

The best of it: Already sensing the smell of fried chicken?🐔 You should – because this is exactly what you’ll find at Crispy Mafya. All fried and spicy 🔥 from chicken burgers, chicken wings, tenders to chicken salads 🥗. But the one you can’t miss is the chicken waffle burger 🍔💯 with maple syrup on the side. From their side dishes, go for the baked sweet potato fries and the mac’n cheese 👊. Plus: its New Orleans and New York vibe 🗽, baby!
Open until: 2:00AM from Thursday to Saturday; 12:00AM from Sunday to Wednesday – closed on Monday
Location: Amidst Príncipe Real hipster neighbourhood

#3. Artis

The best of it: We already talked about this place by selecting it as one of the 5 spots in Lisbon that will make you feel really cool. Still wondering why?🤔 It has a really chill vibe ✌, a great hand-picked wine list 🍷 and some tasty 🤤 (and cheap) portuguese sharing-appetizers such as Bulhão Pato sauce clams, Pica pau (fried pork meat with pickles & chili 🌶), chicken gizzards with spicy red peppers sauce and so on. Their cheese boards 🧀 and cold meats are definitely a must too.
Open until: 3:00AM on Friday/Saturday; 2:00AM on Sunday and from Tuesday to Thursday – closed on Monday
Location: Right in the middle of Bairro Alto (perfect to start that pub crawl you always wanted to do 🍻)

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#4. Boteco da Dri

The best of it: It’s one of the newest babies in town – it opened in August this year – and showcases the best of Brazilian 💚💛 flavours, sometimes mixed with the Portuguese 💚❤💛. Its name – Dri – embodies the metaphor of the young brazilian woman and a state of mind. Their cheese bread reinvented with chorizo is a must-order 👍. Their brazilian black been stew is also a winner on the menu. It’s perfect for a dinner before a night out 🕺💃.
Open until: 4:00AM from Tuesday to Sunday – closed on Monday
Location: Close to the nightlife places in Cais do Sodré

#5. Trópico do Cais

The best of it: This is the perfect place for a healthy meal before going to bed and having sweet dreams 💤 or facing the wild Lisbon nightlife 🎆🐅. It serves tatakis, ceviches, tartares, gyosas, poke bowls, salads, noodles, natural fruit juices and so on 💚. You can even eat outside – it has a couple of tables and chairs so you can feel embedded in Cais do Sodré unique vibe 👯.
Open until: 12:00AM from Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday; 2:30AM on Friday/Saturday – closed on Monday
Location: Amidst Cais do Sodré and the famous Pink Street

#6. Marco

The best of it: This restaurant is what we call a classic 💯. It’s always packed but somehow we can guarantee you’ll find a seat. The rockstar dish is the Francesinha (Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto) made with bread, wet-cured ham, chorizo, fresh sausage, steak or roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries 🍟. You’ll find other fish and meat dishes as well as a very complete kids menu 👦👧 – which isn’t common in restaurants open until late.
Open until: 2:00AM on Friday and 1:00AM from Saturday to Thursday
Location: Fancy neighborhood Colinas do Cruzeiro in Odivelas

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#7. A Roda

The best of it: This restaurant screams Portuguese food all the way 🗣. Seafood 🌊 is a major thing here but it also has several different fish and meat dishes, especially grilled. You’ll also find an extensive wine list, including fresh green wines, which pair perfectly with their seafood delicacies 🦐🦀.
Open until: 2:00AM everyday except on Sunday (closed)
Location: Benfica

#8. Café Janis

The best of it: Up for a breakfast with scrambled eggs, grilled halloumi and a pain au chocolat in the afternoon or a french baguette with juicy meatballs covered in tomato sauce at midnight?🤩 This is it! Here at Café Janis you can order all this and much more at any time of the day (yaass! 🙌🎉). They even have some more tasty dishes such as the shredded slow-cooked pork, crispy coleslaw, pickles and homemade french fries; fried squid 🦑 with tartar sauce and fresh herbs or mac’n cheese with Parma ham.
Open until: 1:00AM from Wednesday to Sunday – closed on Monday/Tuesday
Location: Cais do Sodré

#9. Joker Lounge

The best of it: Key words: bowling, foosball, snooker and darts 🎯🎳🎱. There are two different restaurants, one in Benfica and another one in Campo Pequeno. The menu evolves around fast food such as toasts, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches and sharing-appetizers. Must order: spicy beef samosas 🤤🌶 They also have some good sweet 🍭 options like crêpes and ice creams of all types 🍨.
Open until: 2:00AM from Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday; 3:00AM on Friday/Saturday – closed on Sunday (in Benfica) or Monday (in Campo Pequeno)
Location: Campo Pequeno & Benfica

#10. Galeto

The best of it: There’s not much left to say about this place – it’s one of the city’s most acclaimed classics 🥇. We’ll not mess with its status as it delivers every single time like an Swiss watch. If you’re looking for flawless service from back-in-the-days without talking too much 💂: Galeto. Choose wisely as it can become pricey real quick 🤑. Their brioche bread hamburgers are deliiiicious 👌.
Open until: 3:30AM everyday
Location: Saldanha

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#11. Fábrica Braço de Prata

The best of it: It’s not only a restaurant but a cultural house full of live music sessions 🎶, photo 📷 & art 🎨 exhibitions all the time. If you’re looking for a non-boring place and a place to meet young and creative local artists 👨‍🎨👨‍🎤 – this is it! The food is surprisingly good and you’ll find a huge variety of dishes 🥘.
Open until: 4:00AM on Friday/Saturday; 2:00AM on Wednesday/Thursday; 8:00PM on Monday/Tuesday – closed on Sunday
Location: In the industrial-hipster area of Marvila

#12. MySpot

The best of it: It’s one the newest babies – opened this year – in Benfica neighbourhood and if you’re around, pay it a visit for a late snack before going home. This is a mix of snack bar and restaurant so you can count mainly with four things: good selection of alcohol, giant toasts, tasty burgers and sandwiches 👏. Secret tip 😜: it has a hidden patio. Go see it for yourself and tell us 😉.
Open until: 2:00AM on Friday/Saturday; 12:00AM from Sunday to Thursday
Location: Benfica

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