10 unique Christmas gifts based on personality

Everyone likes to receive gifts and the ones saying they don’t, are lying.  And the only thing you need to do in order to convert and surprise a gift hater is: nail it. So, go through the list below and find 10 different Christmas gifts based on personality, individual taste and uniqueness. There’s at least one for everyone.

#1. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon book (from 16,95€)

This book is definitely a true hidden yet mandatory gem! It’s pocket sized, extremely easy to read (in english) and both locals and visitors should have it as it includes some of the most off-the-beaten info about Lisbon you won’t even imagined. Every main European capital has a special edition. Perfect for: Your annoying FOMO friend.

The 500 hidden secrets of Lisbon by Miguel Júdice
@ TrenDestination

#2. Beard Starter’s Kit (from 16,95€)

Barba Brada, known as the beard elixir brand, has this kit including 4 samples of each of the aromas from their beard oil collection. This way you don’t risk not choosing the right fragrance. Each mini bottle has 5 ml – completely travel size – all made of natural oils, giving a natural lush look to the beard. Perfect for: Your ultimate hipster dandy friend.

Beard Starter's Kit by Barba Brada
@ Barba Brada

#3. Beard Wipes – 12 Pack (from 11,00€)

This is definitely a quirky and unforgettable gift, made to wipe all those crumbs after a nice piece of cake (#sofreshsocleanclean). They come individually packed which make them perfect for any travel. Perfect for: That friend looking like Robin Williams in Jumanji.

Bear Wipes by Barba Brada
@ Barba Brada

#4. Sunrise Succulent Terrarium Necklace (from 8,34€)

Sunrise is a native from South Africa. Her rosette like leaves contains beautiful pink to purple color tones and green hues, characterized by pointed thick fleshy leaves. There’s no girl who won’t find this necklace so cute that they can’t avoid jumping on your neck and cover you with kisses – if that’s your intention. Yeah, a bit lame I know, but shouldn’t be the holiday season like that anyway? Perfect for: Girlfriend material sweetheart.

Sunrise Succulent Live Terrarium Necklace Girlfriend Gift Miniature Terrarium
@ Etsy

#5. Cork LED light (from 13,90€)

Have you ever thought of re-using that Vodka bottle for an extra purpose other than shots (#BottomsUp)? This USB rechargeable LED light made of cork is the ultimate gift to do it. The light is always white which makes it great for colored bottles. Perfect for: The techie heavy drinker colleague.

LED cork light USB rechargeable @ Bairro Arte
@ Bairro Arte

#6. Beach Please slippers (from 24,90€)

What better way of warming up Christmas season if not introducing summer straight away? These hipster cool slippers are part of TheWhiteBrand summer collection – which is pretty much sold out. They’re wonderfully comfy and stylish to travel with. There’s an on-going promotion offering you the 6th pair upon buying 5 units. Perfect for: Your winter-season-hater & one-day-I’m-gonna-quit-my-job-and-travel-the-world sister.

Beach Please slippers sandals @ The White brand
@ The White Brand
New collection @ The White Brand

#7. Water A5 memobottle 750 ml (from 24,50€)

It has the shape of a paper sheet, with an incredible minimalist, functional and elegant design to perfectly fit in any handbag, folder or laptop case. There’s a smaller version of 375ml. It already won several prizes for its innovative design. Perfect for: Your eco-chic aunt.

Water A5 Memobottle
@ Memobottle

#8. Round Wood Cutting Board (from 4,00€)

I’m pretty sure you heard about these boards before. They became widely known through Jamie Oliver. Gradirripas, the company behind it, creates different shapes, including exclusive types of boards upon request. The rounded-shape board is the most peculiar one and looks amazing on a table. Perfect for: Your obsessed gourmet cousin.

Gradirripas tábua redonda madeira Jamie Oliver
@ Gradirripas

#9. Jacarandá hand cream 50 ml (from 8,90€) 

Benamôr is a totally made in Portugal brand since 1925, all about natural ingredients and charming vintage tubes. This Jacarandá hand cream is their most Lisbon scent as it’s inspired in the trees that cover the entire city with lilac petals during Spring time, containing aloe vera and shea butter too. Perfect for: That Edward Scissorhands  friend.

Jacarandá hand cream_soap @ Benamôr 1925 A Vida Portuguesa
@ Benamôr

#10. Blandy’s Madeira 10 Year Bual (25,50€)

Forget about Port wine for a minute, ok? According to Forbes 12 Best Wines of 2016 list, this 10 Year Bual is one of the best-kept secrets of the wine world, Madeira, perfect for desserts. It’s rich and sweet with nutty and spicy notes. Perfect for: Your posh wine connoisseur uncle.

Blandys 10 years bual Madeira wine 500 ml
@ Prestige Wines Portugal

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