Chef Kiko - A Cevicheria O Asiático O Talho

10 firecracker questions to… Chef Kiko

“I believe that what we eat shows what we are, reflects our family, cultural, historical and religious heritage.”

Chef Kiko Martins was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1979 and has a strong portuguese family heritage. In 2004, studied in Paris at the famous Cordon Bleu and worked in some of the most known restaurants such as Ledoyen, AM Le Bistro, The Fat Duck or Eleven. Then in 2008, he leaves the kitchen for a while and went to Mozambique for an year of volunteering.

Chef Kiko - A Cevicheria O Asiático O Talho
Chef Kiko – A Cevicheria O Asiático O Talho

Later in 2010/11 traveled around the world, with his wife Maria, sitting at the table with families from 26 different countries. Afterwards, he published his first book Comer o Mundo (Eat the World).

Chef Kiko @ Comer o Mundo
Chef Kiko @ Eat the World project

By the beginning of 2013, opens his first restaurant in Lisbon called O Talho – a project born of the will to innovate and find new ways to taste meat. Later that year, he joined the Chefs’ Academy TV show.

O Talho Chef Kiko
Burger O Talho @

“The true magic of food should be the opportunity that gives us of sitting at the table sharing time with those we love.”

Before the end of 2014, he launches another restaurant named A Cevicheria – the name says it all. In 2015, travelled around Portugal through the TV program Cook Off – Duel of Flavors and discovers the country’s gastronomic charm and still found the time to launch his latest book Jantaradas. This October, Chef Kiko was on the spotlight again upon the opening of his most recent dinner place O Asiáticoget ready to travel from Nepal to Japan without leaving the table. Currently, he continues to be a travel leader at Nomad, and also devotes his time in sharing his passion for food to others.

A Cevicheria @ Chef Kiko
A Cevicheria @

“I believe that a meal isn’t measured by what we pay for it, but by the memory we keep from it.”

Chef Kiko accepted the challenge to name his first thought when thinking about …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
CK: Serra de Sintra

#2. Restaurant with guts and character
CK: A Cevicheria

#3. If you only had 30 minutes in Lisbon  
CK: Seated at the Bar das Imagens, watching the city’s views

#4. Porn dream food  
CK: Seafood at Ramiro restaurant

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Lisbon  
CK: Pastel de Nata in Belém or Manteigaria

#6. Who would you invite to seat next to you on a flight  
CK: My wife

#7. Memorable hotel  
CK: Any hotel in Bali

#8. Portugal on a plate
CK: Alheira (game portuguese sausage)

#9. Perfect spot to travel within Portugal
CK: Sagres

#10. Most used expression in Portuguese
CK: Divirtam-se!

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