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10 firecracker questions to… Isa Sebastião | The Guinness World Record SUP star

If you’re into Guinness World Records and real champions, the name Isa Sebastião shouldn’t sound strange to you. She’s the wonder woman you should know and the only mermaid alive to grab about. She was responsible for putting Portugal on the (water) map. If Henry the Navigator was alive, I bet he would invited her to join the Discoveries crew. Here’s why …

Isa Sebastião is a professional athlete who started her career in basketball, winning several national competitions while representing the Portuguese team with 96 remarkable internationalizations. She stopped playing though at the age of 26 due to her growing passion for outdoor nature sports – especially water related when combined with a sense of adventure and challenge. Currently, she does SUP (Stand Up Paddle), kitesurf and became recently addicted to bicycle trips.

Isa Sebastião athlete @ TrenDestination
There’s no wave she can’t ride

The love for SUP started in 2009 and increased with the organization of Oeiras SUP Race and Ocean Spirit events. In 2013 and 2014, she was crowned national champion on Race and Sprint categories. In 2013, she participated in an international championship and won 7th place. On June 2015, she hit the world record for the longest non-stop distance by stand up paddleboard in 24 hours on flowing water (check here). Yes! 24 hours standing, paddling, non stop, 170 kilometers, on Sado river. Here’s the best part: she had the intention to complete 130 kilometers, surpassing the initial target by 40 kilometers.

Isa Sebastião athlete @ TrenDestination

In 2016, thrilled with the concept of cycling traveling, she completed the 650 kilometers of the portuguese Camino de Santiago trip in June and in August accomplished the 825 kilometers of The French Way. Obviously, who are into these monumental challenges doesn’t stop overnight and is always looking for what’s next, so Isa has already an upcoming challenge in 2017, being for now a total secret.

Isa accepted the challenge to name her first thought when thinking about …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
IS: Sintra

#2. Restaurant with guts and character
IS: Darwin’s Café

#3. If you only had 30 minutes in Lisbon
IS: The entire route of 28 B tram passing by the following neighborhoods: Martim Moniz, Graça, Alfama, Sé, Chiado and Campo de Ourique

#4. Porn dream food
IS: Snails

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Lisbon
IS: Ride Lavra funicular

#6. Influential leader to seat next to you on a flight?
IS: Florbela Espanca

#7. Memorable hotel
IS: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

#8. Portugal on a plate
IS: Alentejo bread and poached egg soup

#9. Perfect spot to travel within Portugal
IS: Minho river

#10. Most used expression in Portuguese
IS: Okidoki

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