One day a woman had a dream, others joined her, and Josefinas were born. Josefinas is a Portuguese brand born from a dream. In a country in crisis, where there was little room for dreams, making handmade shoes had a new name: Josefinas. In Portugal, there is something that has never died: the savoir faire of craftsmen and the passion for an idea. Never give up has always defined Josefinas’ path. The name Josefinas was born in honor of Filipa Júlio’s grandmother, the brand’s founder.

Grandma Josefina always made Filipa’s life a special adventure, especially when she took her to ballet class. We hope that the Josefinas story inspires the path of many other women, straight to the realization of their dreams, just as it inspires us daily!

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What believe Josefinas

We believe that everything we do must have meaning.
We believe that by helping a woman, we’re contributing to a better and more just world.
We believe that a handmade product has unparalleled magic.
We believe that life is an imperfect journey.
We believe that there is no dream that can’t be realized.
We believe in the power of women.
We believe that no is never a final answer.
We believe that a more feminine world will be a happier world.
We believe in change, and in the power of change.
We believe that our customers are the best in the world.
We believe in a world where pink can be worn by everyone.
We believe in gratitude.
We believe in defending everything we believe in!

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Originally from Porto, Filipa accepted the challenge to name her 10 best suggestions for …

#1. Favorite spot for inspiration 
FJ: Santa Catarina street in Porto

#2. Favorite restaurant
FJ: Vícios de Mesa – Maus Hábitos 

#3. If you only have 30 minutes in Porto
FJ: Have a coffee at Majestic Café 

#4. Porn dream food
FJ: Bulgur veggie burger 

#5. Best way to spend 2,00€ in Porto
FJ: Beer at Base Bar

#6. Favorite expression in Portuguese
FJ: Fazer omeletes sem ovos (Make omolettes without eggs)

#7. Favorite hotel
FJ: Quinta do Vallado Hotel 

#8. Portugal on a plate
FJ: Francesinha

#9. Perfect place to travel in Portugal
FJ: Gerês 

#10. Portugal is …
FJ: Challenging and inspiring

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